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No matter what the weather is outside, staying inside your vehicle becomes bearable thanks to your air conditioning system and heater. Now to fully enjoy the benefits they give, you need to have a way to control the temperature they emit. And the best way to do that is by installing an A/C & Heater Control. This device gives you the ability to dictate what comes out of your vehicle's A/C and heater system. With this device in place, you can adjust the temperature inside your vehicle to help counter the current temperature outside your ride. This allows you and your passengers to stay comfortable regardless of the weather outside. Some designs even have this control connected to your car's computer enabling both the A/C and heater to automatically regulate the temperature inside your vehicle. Since it works on adjusting the temperature inside your vehicle, it's important that this device doesn't succumb to wear and tear. So to ensure a long service life, it's made from premium materials. On top of that, it's outfitted to match the standard OEM specifications making it a suitable replacement for your stock component. This direct-fit design also helps in making the entire installation process quick and hassle-free to do. The A/C & Heater Control gives you the power to lower or increase the temperature inside your cabin. And if this is something you'd like to enjoy while on the road, be sure to place an order for this device right here at Auto Parts Warehouse today.

Buying Guides

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Choosing the Right A/C & Heater Control

The heater and air conditioner in your vehicle is a complex assembly that is made up of different parts. When any of these parts fails, you'll have a problem regulating the temperature inside your ride. One of the parts susceptible to failure in your car's heating and air conditioning unit is the A/C and heater control, that unit which is made up of dials and buttons used to regulate cooling and heating in your vehicle. It can fail because of various reasons, among which are:

  • Abuse. Improper use of the unit can soon cause the knob or buttons to become damaged.
  • Impacts. Shocks can cause breakage or cracking of the part.
  • Normal wear and tear. After years of use, the unit can succumb to malfunction.

No matter what the reason behind the failure of the A/C & heater control unit in your vehicle, it is important that you replace it. There are many replacement choices in the market, and you can even find OE parts that can work like the original part in your auto. All you need to do is choose the right one. So what are your choices?

Switch Type

All A/C & heater control units work much the same way, but they differ in their external design, primarily in the design of the switch built into them. There are generally three types of switch:


This is a rounded dial that you simply have to turn to control the settings in your air conditioner and heater. For instance, you can turn the dial to a certain number in order to control the speed of the blower or fan. This is pretty easy to use and is ideal if you want a traditional look on your dash.


Just like the name implies, this unit is made up of buttons that you simply have to press to control the operation of the heater and air conditioner. The advantage of this type of switch is the convenience by which it can be used-it doesn't require much effort to operate.


This type of switch involves the use of a small handle that you move up to down, or left to right, and then back, in order to get the desired temperature settings in your vehicle. The advantage with this type of switch is the versatility by which it can be adjusted.

Some A/C & heater control units come with a combination of switches (such as a unit with lever and button switches). When doing your shopping, we recommend that you check which part is compatible with your vehicle and which looks best for your interior.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Install a New A/C & Heater Control

If you've ever driven in summer without a functional air conditioning unit in your car, you know the dilemma involved. And chances are, you don't want to experience that again. If you notice that your car A/C or heater is not working, and you trace the problem to the A/C and heater control unit, do not hesitate to replace the said part. The replacement is easy and involves a straightforward remove-and-install process. It may vary from one car to another, and this guide is designed to help you install those units mounted under the dashboard.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tools Needed:

  1. Ratchet and socket set
  2. Screwdriver

Preparatory Instructions:

Step 1: Disconnect the negative battery cable. This is important for safety reasons.

Step 2: Engage the parking brake to ensure that the vehicle won't move. You can also place something behind the tires to keep them from rolling.

Step 3: Press on the brake pedal, insert the key in the ignition, and then turn it to ?on' without actually engaging it. Then, move the gearshift selector from ?park' to ?1'.

Main Installation Instructions:

Step 4: You'll see a bezel surrounding the dashboard, attached using clips. Pry the clips away one by one until everything is off, at which point you can already take the bezel away for access to the A/C and heater control unit.

Step 5: The unit is held in place with two screws or bolts. Remove these so that you can take the unit off the dashboard. In some cars, you'll need to take off the cigarette lighter connection plug before you can remove the unit.

Step 6: You'll see a wiring harness at the back of the control unit. You will need to unplug this. Vacuum lines, other plugs, and clips may also have to be taken off. Be careful with the removal process so that you don't damage anything.

Step 7: Once the unit is removed, you just have to reverse the process for the installation of the new unit.

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