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A/C Amplifier

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If your air conditioning system has a heart, it would be the compressor. It keeps the flow of the whole system in motion by compressing and transferring the refrigerant gases. But for before it starts doing what it does, another component is needed to take control of the compressor. And that's exactly what an A/C Amplifier does. If the compressor is the heart, this device is the brain that handles its overall function. It serves as a control module which directs the operation of the compressor based on various inputs like evaporator temperature, low-pressure switch, and A/C request. Aside from this function, this component also acts as a protection device. It's able to do this by comparing the speeds of both the engine and compressor. By determining whether the speed of the two devices match, the amplifier is able to prevent the compressor from incurring any damage by turning it off when its speed is not in sync with the speed of the engine. Due to its important role, it's important for this device to have a long service life. To ensure this, each one is made from premium materials to help it withstand wear and tear. It's also customized to match most vehicle specifications making it a suitable replacement for your worn-out component. The A/C Amplifier works together with the compressor to give you that the right temperature while you're inside your cabin. So make sure your ride has this device today by ordering one through our selection of parts right here at Auto Parts Warehouse.