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A/C Belt Tensioner Products

One of the components that have gone through little or no change at all since the early years of the automobile is the engine belt. Though the material might have been enhanced to provide better performance, it still carries the same basic function of powering your engine's components. One area where these belts prove useful is in drving your A/C's compressor. So to make sure it does a good job of doing this, it needs to be paired with an A/C Belt Tensioner. This device is what constantly keeps the A/C belt tight and firm. By doing this, you're assured that it's able to dish out better performance, prevent belt slippage, and avoid quick deterioration. Aside from maintaining the right amount of tension, the tensioner also prevents the over-tightening of the belt which can result in the premature damage of the other A/C components. On top of that, it's able to prevent slacking enabling the belt to maintain its firmness. To help it perform well, this component is crafted from flexible yet durable materials that allow it to have a longer service life. It's also tailored to match the specifications of OEM components making it a perfect replacement for your vehicle's factory-installed A/C belts. This also makes installation hassle-free since you won't be forced to make unnecessary modifications to it. The A/C Belt Tensioner keeps the A/C belt in good working condition by providing the right amount of tension. And if you're looking for one, simply choose from our wide selection here at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Buying Guides

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Finding the Right A/C Belt Tensioner

The A/C belt tensioner is one of the most crucial parts of the engine. The proper amount of tension on the air condition belt must be monitored at all times. If the tensioner loses its strength, then it should be replaced right away to keep the parts of the car working correctly. However, if you're not sure when you should purchase a new one, then here's a guide to help you out.


It's inevitable for the belts to wear out in time. If you start hearing fluttering noises while driving, this is an indication that the belt in the tensioner is too loose. When buying a new A/C belt tensioner, make sure that the belt is made of rubber. This can easily wear especially when being constantly used. A good idea is to replace your old belt with a serpentine belt, which is a continuous belt that is used to drive different peripheral devices, such as the air conditioning, air pump, and alternator.


Rust can build up in the A/C belt tensioner. This can prevent the tensioner from spinning freely and can consequently cause greater damage to the engine. If you're going to buy a new A/C belt tensioner, make sure that it is made of durable metal. Though it inevitable for it to rust, find one that will service you longer than your previous one.

Damage in the Pulley

Another cause for an A/C belt tensioner to wear out is if the pulley got damaged. This can be adjusted to give the right amount of support but also depends on the size and type of the belt. You can buy one with an idler pulley since it is made to maintain proper belt tension. This also fits well into a cavity in the engine's front.

Tip: You can apply a small amount of belt dressing while the belt turns to be able to restore the oils to the rubber and can eliminate noises coming from it.

Now that you've read the guide, you can decide what A/C belt tensioner to buy. Don't forget to explore and read reviews online to read about the best brands in the market. Good luck!

Repair Guides

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Restoring the A/C Belt Tensioner

The A/C belt tensioner is made to keep the proper amount of tension on the air conditioner belt all the time. But, don't fret when this gets worn-out because you replace it yourself. You don't need an experienced mechanic to work on your Honda Pilot. What you simply must have are a garage to work in, these steps, and patience to be able to get the job done in no time!

Difficulty level: hard

Tools required:

  • Metric socket kit
  • Bungee cord
  • 12 inch drive breaker
  • 12 inch drive ratchet

Step 1: Lift the hood and secure it with the hood prop attachment. Find the A/C belt tensioner above the air conditioner pulley.

Step 2: Locate the idler pulley that's attached below the tensioner arm. Use the bolt in the middle of the tensioner idler pulley to spin the entire tensioner with a socket and the breaker bar.

Step 3: Rotate the tensioner idler pulley counterclockwise using the breaker bar and a metric socket. Pull the belt from the tensioner idler pulley and carefully let the belt hang down. Let go of the idler pulley and take off the breaker bar.

Step 4: Pull the belt back up and hand it to one of the top engine accessories using a bungee cord. With this, it will prevent the belt from coming out of the other accessory pulleys.

Step 5: Find the two lock bolts that secure the tensioner to the front side of the engine block. One of the lock bolts can be found in the middle of the tensioner arm, whereas the other is a small bolt found on the side. Loosen up and remove both the lock bolts using a metric socket and a ratchet.

Step 6: Pull the tensioner from the front of the engine block and compare it to the new one. You must be sure that the new tensioner is the proper size compared to the old one.

Step 7: Place the new tensioner onto the front of the engine block. Screw in both of the lock bolts into the tensioner arm and tighten them with the ratchet and socket.

Step 8: Take off the bungee cord from the belt. Rotate counterclockwise the idler pulley that's attached to the new tensioner using the socket and breaker bar. Slip the belt over the new idler pulley and let go of the breaker bar. The idler pulley tightens the belt as the tensioner is retracting.

Step 9: Rev up the car and check the new tensioner as the engine is running. Ensure that the new tensioner is moving freely up and down as the belt is moving.

Safety Tips:

  • Use a flathead screwdriver if the tensioner is stuck on the front of the engine block after removing the two lock bolts.
  • Remember to keep hands and tools away from moving components on the engine while it's running.

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