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A/C Receiver Drier Products

To make yourself comfortable inside your car, its air conditioning system should be working at its best always. With your air conditioner working at full blast, you'll stay cozy regardless of the road and driving conditions. To make sure that your car's air conditioner will never fail, it needs to be equipped by a high-quality component called the A/C Receiver Drier. Basically, A/C receiver driers are devices that can be found between the condenser and the expansion valve. Their main role is to store excess refrigerant while removing moisture from the refrigerant. When you look at A/C receiver/driers, you'll notice that they consist of a tank, filter, drying agent, tube, and a sight glass. All these components should be in excellent shape to ensure that your A/C Receiver Drier will never malfunction. With such a crucial role, you should only get A/C receiver driers here at our store. Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, we let you pick the best A/C receiver driers in just a few clicks and keystrokes. Unlike other stores, we deliver right away and the best thing is that we sell everything at the most affordable prices. If you want an A/C Receiver Drier that will complete the retooling of your air conditioning system, then you'd better get it right now here at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Shopping for a New AC Receiver Drier

With the push of a button, driving has become more comfortable thanks to your car's built-in comfort system-your AC. You can cool your mornings and warm your nights on the road however you please. Your air-conditioning system is made up of other parts that contribute to your comfort level on the road. One of these parts is the AC receiver drier . The receiver drier must always be replaced every three years or every time you open your air conditioning system. So when that time comes, remember the dos and don'ts of choosing the right AC receiver drier replacement.


  • Purchase an AC receiver drier made from high-grade materials. Receiver driers are found in one of the most highly pressurized systems of your car. That is why when choosing a unit you have to be sure that it is made of tough metals or other materials. It must withstand great amounts of heat and contain oil and refrigerant without rusting.
  • Choose a receiver drier that is fitted with a sight glass. This sight glass allows easier preventive maintenance of your unit. It will help you easily check the refrigerant level in your system so that you'll immediately know when you're running low on the said element. Units without sight glasses will require more tedious visual inspection procedures.


  • Don't settle for a warranty coverage of anything less than one year. This will ensure that you get the best value out of your AC receiver drier .
  • Don't disregard the kind of desiccant you usually use. Different desiccant types are used for variations of receiver driers. Make sure that you pick the right one. Check the body of your receiver drier for the type of desiccant you should use. It is usually identified by a sticker affixed on the unit.
  • Don't calibrate your oil return outlet tube yourself. Always purchase ready fit receiver driers that have been calibrated and ready to use. Your receiver drier, and even your entire AC system, is very sensitive when it comes to the parts that handle your refrigerant. So be sure that this part is handled by the experts.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

AC Receiver Drier Installation for DIYers

It's been getting a little hot inside your car lately and you know something's wrong with your A/C. But now that you've popped open your hood to check out your air conditioning system, you realize that it has more parts than you imagined. How do you know what exact part is causing the problem? You can start by looking at your AC receiver drier. If your drier has air bubbles, oil streaks, or any froth or milk substance in and around the body, that explains your faulty AC. Now that you've found your culprit, here's a step by step guide on replacing your receiver drier:

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools you'll need:

  • Set of line wrenches
  • Set of sockets
  • New AC receiver drier

NOTE: Unless you have an EPA-approved container lying around in your garage, you should take your car to a shop to reclaim the Freon in your air-conditioning system. Since it is illegal to evacuate Freon in the atmosphere, it is still best to leave your A/C system's Freon to the experts.

Step 1: Remove all of the parts that obstruct your view of your A/C system. One of these parts is your air filter housing. To remove your air filter, unclip the plastic trim fasteners that hold the grille in place. Pull the grills to remove them.

Step 2: Without your grille assembly, you should be able to see your A/C receiver drier. Your receiver/drier is a round canister with two hoses on each side. Using an appropriately sized line wrench, remove these hoses from the drier to let it loose. Don't forget to remove the O-rings from the hoses as well.

Step 3: Aside from the hoses, your receiver drier is also held in place by brackets. Unbolt these brackets to pull the drier away from the engine manifold.

Step 4: Install your new A/C receiver drier in place with the brackets. Also add your new O-rings into the hoses. Make sure you grease your O-rings to ensure a better and tighter fit between your hoses and new drier.

Step 5: Once you've installed your O-rings to the hoses, attach the lines to your new A/C receiver drier. Secure and tighten them in place with a line wrench.

Step 6: Put your grille and air filter housing back in place.

  • Now that you've completely installed your receiver-drier, take your car to a certified mechanic to refill your A/C's Freon. Again, never attempt to vacuum down and fill Freon into your A/C system by yourself.

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