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A/C Switch

We have 425 Items for A/C Switch In-stock.

Bad A/C Switch? Unless you're willing to put up with the extreme summer heat, better replace your busted switch immediately. Like the switches used in other electrically-powered devices, your air conditioning switch starts the operation of your a/c parts. It does this by completing a circuit to allow current flow between conductors. Now, a/c switches vary depending on their location and function. The most visible of these switches are found on your dashboard. These switches are called dashboard controls. Each switch has a specific function, and these functions include turning your a/c on or off, modifying your blower speeds, switching between temperature ranges and modes, and choosing between recirculating and fresh airflow. Aside from these easily accessible and highly-visible switches, your a/c system also has switches for various parts of your a/c assembly. Some of these switches include your pressure switch, cycling clutch switch, condenser fan switch, and temperature switch. The pressure switch is a protection switch that's designed to stop your compressor clutch from operating in the event of a rapid increase or dip in pressure. Doing so saves your compressor from damage. While the A/C Switch for your cycling clutch controls the temperature of your evaporator core. The condenser fan switch operates your condenser fan. And lastly, the ambient temperature switch engages your a/c fans to facilitate proper a/c operation. Regardless of which switch you need, you can be sure that we have it here at Auto Parts Warehouse and we're sell it at an affordable price. So buy your switch from our site today!