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Have you ever noticed some vibrations on your brake pedal whenever you brake? That could be the anti lock brakes in action, controlling the deceleration of the wheels to ensure that they spin at the same rate when you brake. This unit is composed of several parts-from the speed sensors and valves to the ABS pump and ABS pump motor. So how does the ABS work? How does it keep you safe when braking? Well, when you apply the brakes, a hydraulic system applies a certain amount of force to each wheel to slow its deceleration rate. Each wheel is equipped with a speed sensor that detects the rate at which each spins. All four wheels should have the same deceleration speed. Whenever a sensor detects that one of the wheels is decelerating faster, it informs the ABS control module, which in turn commands the other ABS parts to reduce the pressure sent to the said wheel so that it won't decelerate fast. A valve is used to release pressure from the brakes and get the wheel to spin at a normal rate. When pressure is released and the spinning of the wheel gets back to its normal speed, the ABS pump and ABS pump motor work to get the braking pressure back in the brakes. This overall function happens very fast, and you might not even notice this during the normal braking process. However, although unnoticeable, this function is vital to your driving safety-any problem in this operation could mean danger.It is therefore important that you keep your brakes, anti lock brakes, and all the parts that make up these systems in tiptop condition at all times. Pay attention to any irregularity in your braking operations (any unwanted vibration or any abnormal noise, for instance) and immediately address problems as they arise. Replace any damaged part at once to prevent any more serious trouble. And for all your needed replacements, trust only Auto Parts Warehouse. We carry a complete line of auto parts and accessories for cars, trucks, SUVs, and even off-road automobiles-engine upgrades, OEM replacements, stylish auto accessories, garage tools and repair manuals, and even small hardware. We have the ABS pump motor that you need for your specific vehicle, and you can find it easily when you shop using our site's part finder. Just click on the part that you need and place your order.

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Choosing the Right ABS Pump Motor

Skidding on a slippery road is one of the things that scares drivers the most. When you step on the brakes and you lose a grip on your steering, you get the feeling of dread as you realize you don't have control over your vehicle. Skidding also burns your tires, and when patches of rubber are burned off the tires, your vehicle rolls unevenly. Add this to the lack of steering control, and you're suddenly put in a nerve-wracking situation. Fortunately, modern car owners don't have to worry about this. Your car is equipped with an anti-lock braking system, or ABS-a braking assistant that fights off the effects of skidding. Your ABS system is made up of several components that allow it to function properly: valves, sensors, a controller, and a pump. And for the pump to work effectively, it needs a reliable motor to run it. We'll guide you through choosing the best ABS pump motor to install in your car.

Durability and warranty

An ABS pump motor is a pretty straightforward piece of equipment. With the help of the pump and the pump motor, hydraulic fluid is released and the pressure in the pressure line going to the wheels increases, all guided by a command issued by the ABS system. With such rigorous activity whenever you step on the brakes, consider durability as a big factor in buying an ABS pump motor. The pump motor itself rarely fails, but over time, it can be exposed to a variety of harmful elements. High resistance to corrosion and rust is a very important feature.

Most ABS pump motors carry a 12-month warranty. Look for this warranty offer, and nothing less-a replacement is not that cheap, and you wouldn't want to be stuck with an out-of-warranty defective pump motor.

The bottom line

With prices ranging from $300 to $500 for a good-quality ABS pump motor, you should be extra careful in picking the right one for your ABS system. Although it is a plug-and-play type of component-you can save on mechanic's fees by installing it yourself-you should put effort in choosing one that will make you feel it was worth the money you invested.

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