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With the advent of modern technology, safety systems within the typical automobile have also improved. Most autos today have anti-lock braking systems, also known as ABS, that help regulate the braking ability of the car under extreme conditions. It helps maintain the tires' traction on the road and improve braking performance and speed of response. To function effectively, the ABS is composed of various components, including an ABS speed sensor ring. This unit is the heart of the ABS; it monitors the wheel speeds and sends the necessary signal to activate the entire system. Sensor rings have specific designs and are customized according to their location on the vehicle; there are units that should be installed at the rear and front sides of the driver and units that are installed at the rear and front passenger sides. The setup of the rings also depends on the design of the entire ABS; it may be concealed or exposed. No matter what design it has, regular maintenance and cleaning of the ABS, especially its sensors, is necessary for proper and accurate function. Together with the ABS speed sensor ring, the valves, rotors, wheel bearings, and other components should be checked regularly to ensure that the anti-lock braking system works fine. You should not wait until the entire braking system locks up when you need it most; if you find a damaged unit, replace it as soon as possible.Luckily, finding the right component for your ride is no longer as difficult as it once was. Auto Parts Warehouse, one of the industry's leading sellers of automotive products, provides an accessible and comprehensive product catalog to help make shopping fast, easy, and convenient for you. Aside from the ABS speed sensor ring, we've got a full stock of items including other brake system components, steering and suspension parts, interior and exterior accessories, as well as engine and drivetrain units. Every item is sold with a low price guarantee to ensure that customers get the best value out of their hard-earned money. Auto Parts Warehouse is the ultimate DIYer site; apart from affordable replacements and auto add-ons, we also have manuals, kits, and tools that DIYers may find helpful while working on their repair or restoration project. So if you want to get started on tuning up an old ride and saving money on your auto repairs, check out our online catalog now! Shopping is definitely cheap and hassle-free at Auto Parts Warehouse!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Shopping for an ABS Speed Sensor Ring: Things You Need to Know

Like all modern systems, the anti-lock brake system relies on a lot of information and input in order to function properly. Without an ABS speed sensor ring (located within the speed sensor) to monitor the speed of your wheels, and signal the activation of the entire system, all you have are over-priced brakes. If you need a new speed sensor ring for that ABS, then we have the no-nonsense guide to helping you get one.

One ABS, many designs

One would think that a system as "standard" today as the anti-lock braking system would be fairly similar across all makes and models. But the thing is, there are actually different designs-each design requires only a specific number of speed sensor rings at only specific locations. So, we'll discuss the different designs only insofar as to help guide your purchase.

4-Channel ABS

Considered by many to be the best arrangement because it maximizes the number of channels used, ABS in this arrangement have speed sensors on all four wheels. If you're looking to replace one or more of the rings in these sensors, you have to consider if the replacement is a fit for the front or rear, then driver- or passenger-side.

3-Channel ABS

This design is usually found on lighter trucks that have ABS on all four wheels. The speed sensor has an incorporated valve for each of the front wheels. In the rear, there is only one speed sensor for both of the wheels-additionally, its location on the rear axle means that it is vastly different in size and appearance.

1-Channel ABS

Pickup trucks with rear-wheel ABS utilize the single-channel design. This design uses only one sensor for the entire ABS. Again, this is located on the rear axle, making the appearance and size radically different from sensors located on the wheels bases themselves.

The smart choice

Though the size differences among the actual rings themselves is very small-in the order of a couple of millimeters-you have to realize that these rings need to be an exact fit in order to function properly. Once you've identified-using the guide above as reference-the specific system installed in your vehicle, the next step is to confirm that the ring is a match. The simplest way is to check for a part or manufacturer's number as these are used to help make purchasing easy. You can readily find these etched on the rings themselves or, failing that, in your ride's manual.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Suspension 101: ABS Speed Sensor Ring Replacement

It's clearly very important to keep the speed sensors on your ABS up to speed, so to speak-this is especially true for the more vulnerable components. This little guide covers the replacement of one of the smallest and most vulnerable-the ABS speed sensor ring-and we do it in five easy steps too! So roll up those sleeves, oh intrepid DIY-er, and let's get to it.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Things you will need:

  • New ABS speed sensor ring
  • Screwdriver set
  • Wrench set
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Jack stands
  • Lug wrench
  • 3-jawed puller
  • Your vehicle's manual

Step 1: Carefully raise the front end of your car-support it on jack stands, and only begin working once you're sure that the vehicle won't fall on you!

Step 2: Remove the wheel on the side you are to do the replacement on. That done, take out the caliper, rotor, and hub as well.

Step 3: Slowly remove the old speed sensor ring from the hub.

*Note* You cannot reuse this ring-they must be replaced.

Step 4: Position the replacement ABS speed sensor ring on the hub, and press the ring firmly in place with a cylindrical adapter.

Step 5: Reverse steps 1, 2, and 3 to reassemble your wheel, remove the jack stands, and slowly lower the vehicle to the ground.

*Important* Take a slow drive after-stopping the car with the brakes a few times to confirm that the replacement was successful. You can then try different speeds as well to see how reactive your anti-lock brake system is.

Safety tips:

  1. Wear goggles for this one-there are many tiny parts and bits that might come flying off and injure your eyes if you don't.
  2. Gloves help too, but try to get thin-skinned ones. It's harder to position and fit the ring when you don't get any tactile feedback.

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