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ACC Cabin Filter

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Slowly but surely, dust, pollen, and other air pollutants-no matter how small-can build up inside your cabin. Apart from circulating unwanted scent in the cabin, this could also lead to serious health risks. But don't worry because clean air circulation is just a click away here at Auto Parts Warehouse with the ACC cabin filter. It'll rid the air in your car of harmful pollutants. This filter is typically placed underneath the dashboard or attached to the glove compartment. The product is equipped with a charcoal layer that filters polluted air coming from the engine bay. Its capacity to catch pollutants depends on the size of the filter pores. Smaller pores catch more pollutants, while larger pores let some through. Apart from its filtration capacity, the charcoal layer also has odor control properties. Whenever noxious gases penetrate the engine bay and make their way to the ventilation system, the charcoal layer traps the scent. This will improve the performance of your air conditioning system by regulating the air it circulates inside your cabin. Best of all, this OE replacement filter can fit many makes and models. Installation can be done in a matter of minutes! It is the perfect project for do-it-yourself beginners and a regular replacement routine for the experienced DIY car owners. Thanks to Auto Parts Warehouse, you can get the ACC cabin filter at an affordable price. Just enter your car's make, model, and year in our interface and our servers will take you to our catalog.