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ACC Dual Valve

We have 8 Items for ACC Dual Valve In-stock.

Temperature is one of the most important elements in your vehicle that must be controlled, and this is true not only when it comes to your car engine's temp-this applies even to the temperature inside your car cabin. Sure, your car will still run even if the A/C or the heater is not working, but what fun is it to drive if you're so stressed because of the excessive heat or cold in your drive? That said, it's very important that you keep all parts of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in top shape. Even the smallest components like the ACC dual valve should be kept in good condition to ensure that you'll get your desired driving temperature at all times. The dual valve is one small component that's a part of your car's heater. The heater utilizes the coolant that is circulating around the engine and collecting engine heat in order to warm your vehicle. The system is composed of a heater core through which hot coolant flows. Air blows through the core and directs coolant heat to the passenger cabin, thus keeping your cabin heated. Because of this setup, you achieve double benefits in your car-the engine is cooled while your cabin is warmed.

The ACC dual valve is the part of the heater that regulates the amount of coolant that gets into the heater core. This is a pretty reliable component, but there are instances when it also succumbs to damage. It could stick after a while, or it could get clogged. And when it does, you'll experience different sorts of problems in your car's A/C system. Aside from heating problems, a busted valve can also have negative effects on your A/C assembly. Some drivers report their A/C to be blowing hot air, or to work intermittently. These are simple problems, but they can cause a lot of stress in your drive. Therefore, if you find your A/C or heater malfunctioning, the ACC dual valve is among the parts that you must check. If it is damaged, be sure that you replace it immediately. After all, driving in the winter won't be possible without a heater in your auto, and driving in the summer with no cool air coming from your A/C is no fun. Don't worry about finding a replacement because we have what you need here at Auto Parts Warehouse! Shop here today!