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Air Bag Clockspring

We have 40 Items for Air Bag Clockspring In-stock.

Do you want your car's safety features such as the air bags work around the clock to give you peace of mind? It's easy with a premium-quality Air Bag Clockspring! Now, because your stock part can get damaged eventually, you have to make sure that you replace it immediately. Your Air Bag Clockspring is an essential component of your air bag-it retracts and expands in its housing when you turn the steering wheel and maintains the continuous functioning of all the electrical components such as the air bag, horn, and various vehicle controls including radio, cruise, heat, and telephone. Some of the most common clockspring types include single stage, dual stage, Dodge, and Chevy clocksprings. Usually, clocksprings fail when the clockspring connectors melt during an air bag deployment. This is due to the heat exchange that occurs inside the cylinder containing the clockspring. In such a case, immediate replacement of the clockpring is needed to restore the proper functioning of the air bag and the above-mentioned components. Get the perfect Air Bag Clockspring from us here at Auto Parts Warehouse right now. Visit our parts catalog today to find the highest quality products that are guaranteed to perform beyond your expectations. We guarantee non-stop customer support for your critical parts needs, secured purchases for your peace of mind, flexible payment choices for your utmost convenience, and express parts shipping for your immediate repair or replacement jobs. Get this part today!

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Date Published:

Drive with Peace in Mind: Replace that Broken Air Bag Clockspring

Driving a car equipped with an air bag does not necessarily ensure your survival once you meet an accident on the road. There is actually a mechanism that makes the air bags, horn, steering wheel and other vehicle controls work. It sustains the flow of electricity among these parts to serve their function. This is the air bag clockspring, and you'd know exactly if there's a need for you to change it. When the air bag and horn don't seem to work or when turning the steering wheel seems like tough, you should replace the spring immediately to avoid any road mishap. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to do it:

Difficulty level: Moderate


  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrench set
  • Marker
  • Small envelopes


Step 1: Before you start, make sure that the front wheels of the car are facing forward. Also, disconnect the negative cable from the car battery. Wait for a few minutes until the reserved current in the system subsides.

Step 2: Remove the bolts that hold the steering wheel cover. Set aside the bolts in a small envelope and mark it for easy reference and identification. This is to avoid misplacing the screws. Lift the cover up and remove it from the car.

Step 3: Find the air bag and remove its mounting bolts from both sides. Place the screws in another envelope and label it. Take the wirings of the air bag out and remove the air bag from the steering wheel.

Step 4: Using a wrench, remove the steering wheel's retaining nut and place the nut in another envelope.

Step 5: Locate the steering wheel dampener. It is a rectangular component found in the middle of the steering wheel. Take it out from the assembly.

Step 6: Remove the steering wheel.

Step 7: Find the clockspring and remove it. Get your new air bag clockspring and install it.

Step 8: Once the new spring is in place, put back the steering wheel nut. Return the air bag and all the wirings connected to it. Don't forget to return the steering wheel dampener.

Step 9: Put the bolts and screws back. Reattach the steering wheel and connect the battery cable.

That concludes the replacement task. You can now enjoy your trips again without worrying about your safety. Good luck!