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As you may know, air temperature is such a critical factor in your car's performance that you've already come a long way tuning your car if you get the temperature under the hood right. Getting safe, operating air temperatures involves the correct installation and maintenance of heating-and-cooling parts, such as the radiator and fan. Another important part that's oftentimes overlooked by car owners is the air distribution hose. As the name suggests, the main purpose of the hose is to facilitate the distribution of air throughout your vehicle's integral components and systems. In some vehicles, the hose would lead from the radiator housing to the ignition box where extremely sensitive parts are located, such as the ECU-the car's main computer unit. Distribution hoses can accumulate so much damage throughout a vehicle's lifetime that they can crack or even melt when their material can't handle the extreme temperatures any longer. When this happens, the car's performance may enormously suffer since sensitive parts like the ECU will malfunction due to uncontrolled heat. Some drivers have experienced sudden surging during idling due to bad air distribution hoses. For this reason, you must quickly replace your hose as soon as you confirm that it's in bad condition.There are many replacement air distribution hoses on the market these days but you have to be more cautious when choosing one for your vehicle. An air distribution hose that will only develop holes and cracks within a couple of months is a complete waste of money. To make sure you're making a wise investment, shop for a high-quality hose here at Auto Parts Warehouse where we have been working with car owners and auto repair shops for many years. Our air distribution hoses are manufactured from the most durable materials in the industry but we offer them at incredibly low prices. Go ahead and browse our catalog now to see how low our prices are compared to what you'll find at other stores. These hoses comply with OE specs and undergo strict testing procedures, so they're as good as your factory hose or even better. You have absolutely nothing to worry about your purchase since we offer the securest warranties in the business. Our customers also prefer us over our competitors because of our swift and safe shipping. Don't let your car's performance suffer because of that failing, stock hose! Get a new, top-quality air distribution hose today.

Buying Guides

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Quick Tips to Remember Before Buying an Air Distribution Hose

An engine's temperature is very important for every car. While it is inevitable to reach high levels of heat, it is important to keep the engine from overheating. This is where the PCV system comes in. The PCV is composed of various tubes and hoses that circulate air around the engine to maintain peak performance and less emission problems. With this in mind, once there is a leak in even a single air distribution hose, it is highly advisable to have it replaced immediately. Otherwise, it will lead to serious problems in the engine. Following are some useful tips before buying a new air distribution hose.

Singling out

The PCV is composed of many air distribution hoses that have one shared function-to deliver or recycle air to and from the engine. Because of this, the car aftermarket is filled with numerous air distribution hoses that may confuse buyers like you. There are different shapes, sizes, and kinds that can lead you to waste money by purchasing the wrong one. If you have one particular air distribution hose damaged, make sure you know the details about it-its shape, its location, and the parts it is connected to. Try to be as specific as possible to get the correct air distribution hose replacement.

The materials of an air distribution hose

Today, there are three common materials for the air distribution hose-plastic, rubber, and silicone. Plastic air distribution hoses are known for its high flexibility. If you have a unique-shaped hose to replace, a plastic replacement is a good way to go. The rubber air distribution hose, on the other hand, is known to seal well and avoid leakage better, but it is prone to become brittle and hard over time. Lastly, the silicone air distribution hose is proven to last longer than the other two materials. And because of this, it is priced higher than the two.

Repair Guides

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Replacing an Air Distribution Hose

The air distribution hoses in a car's Positive Crankcase Ventilation System should be replaced immediately once a leak has been noticed. These hoses make various parts in the engine cool and a faulty one can lead to overheating. An air distribution hose normally costs $35 and there are dealers that will charge $1,100 for installation services. However, you can do the replacement yourself and save a large amount of money. Because the air distribution hose is located way inside your car, it will require a lot of time to replace it. Following are the steps for replacing an air distribution hose.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Tools required:

  • Allen wrench
  • Cleaning solution
  • Coolant solution
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Rags
  • Socket set
  • Torque wrench

Step 1: Prepare all the tools and supplies needed.

Step 2: Drive the car into a level-surfaced area.

Step 3: Cool the engine off for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Once the engine is cooled off, pop the hood and locate the air distribution hose you need to replace. It is connected to the PCV valve and may be located around the intake manifold.

Step 5: With the use of the coolant solution, flush the coolant system to avoid any problem while replacing the air distribution hose.

Step 6: Remove the coolant reservoir by releasing its clamps.

Step 7: Take out the coolant level connector found at the bottom of the reservoir.

Step 8: Pull out the ignition coil connectors, as well as the fuel injector connectors.

Step 9: Remove the coolant temperature connector. It is found between the firewall and the PCV valve cover.

Step 10: Remove the hose from the metallic tube. It can be seen under the coolant reservoir.

Step 11: Take out the coolant hose together with the metallic coolant.

Step 12: Remove the other hoses attached to the bleeder valve of the PCV body.

Step 13: With the allen wrench, remove the oil cooler retainer attached to the PCV valve cover.

Step 14: Once everything is clear and you can work freely with the air distribution hose, unclamp the hose from the PCV bleeder valve.

Step 15: Remove the two allen bolts and three screws from the metallic tube.

Step 16: Detach the PCV valve from the metallic breather tube.

Step 17: With wiggling motions, remove the air distribution hose from the breather tube.

Step 18: Remove the metallic breather tube from the PCV valve. Note on how each part is attached to the other.

Step 19: Once everything is disassembled, clean each part with the use of the rags and cleaning solution.

Step 20: Reinstall everything starting with the new air distribution hose up to the coolant connections.

Step 21: Double check if the connections are joined to the correct parts.

Step 22: Close the hood carefully.

Step 23: Give your vehicle a test drive and notice changes in the engine's performance and temperature.

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