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Air Flow Meter

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Your vehicle's air flow meter functions in determining the bulk of air entering your engine system. It has a flap attached to the wiper arm that wipes across a resistive track. It instantly relays the information to your engine computer to determine the accurate amount of fuel to inject. By incorporating a temperature sensor, it enables your engine system to maintain ideal working conditions where cool and clean bulk of air is efficiently supplied. With its practical applications, your engine computer achieves all the necessary adjustments to sustain smooth operations in following the course of your driving applications with no fail. The temperature sensor employed by your air flow meter is a type of semi-conductor with varying resistance depending on your engine temperatures. As the temperature increases, the sensor minimizes resistance in air flow. As you may know, certain engine components works at its finest provided that engine temperature is balanced. When you are driving under cold climate or weather conditions, the ECU calculates the intake air mass to restrict air flow and prevent freezing your engine. This engine component also has a fuel pump switch. Its fuel pump only operates when the starter is put to work or as your engine runs. This mechanism is accomplished through a series of contacts. When the air flow meter flap opens up, the pump starts to run and shuts off once the flaps closes. This product feature could prevent blowing up your engine in case you meet an accident. Because the engine stops running, the air flow meter automatically shuts off the fuel pump preventing the fuel from catching fire or igniting. For idle mixture adjustments, you can access the screw in the part's housing as a valve for air bypass channel. You can turn the screw clockwise to block off the channel resulting to thicker air-fuel mixture. Turning the screw counterclockwise opens up the passage which results to leaner air-fuel mixture. Once the part goes bad, it compromises combustion efficiency that leads to increased emission. Investing with heavy duty replacements is a more practical solution to maintenance. Our site carries a wide assortment of air flow meter applications. Visit us for your next part replacement to complete your part replacement needs right at your fingertips.