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Is your Air Intake Hose damaged? Well, if you want to spare yourself the hassle of your engine not getting the correct air-fuel mixture for combustion, then you must replace this component at once. Changing this hose is easy given that you properly follow the procedures and you have the right tools needed for the task (a set of pliers, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and a flat-head screwdriver may come in handy). First, turn off your engine and wait for at least 30 minutes before popping the clamps that hold your car's air filter. Then, take out the screws from the base of the air filter assembly and momentarily set them aside. Find the Air Intake Hose and detach it from the engine. Some cars have electrical module fastened to the hose, and it will be best to remove them if equipped. After this, install the new intake system in the engine bay, screw in the air box, then situate the hose to the connection before finally clamping it on. Reconnect the electrical modules you took out and after that, you are done. Now if you need a new Air Intake Hose for your car, then order one from us. We offer our customers with only the best products in the market today. Place an order now and we will ship the item to you right away!

Buying Guides

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Choosing the Right Air Intake Hose

The incorrect amount of air or fuel fed to your car's engine can greatly affect your vehicle's horsepower rating. Getting the correct air-fuel mixture, therefore, is crucial to keeping your engine's performance at its peak. The air intake hose takes care of allowing air to enter the engine, and if this component develops a leak, it could mean trouble.

Reasons to buy a new intake hose

A damaged intake hose, quite simply, is a useless piece of equipment that needs to be removed and replaced with a new one immediately. Besides being really inexpensive, an air intake hose is also very easy to install. There are bolt-on types available in the market that make them a breeze to clamp on. A worn or cracked intake hose can cause the engine to idle too fast or too rough. If the signs are there-visible wear or damage, or a wheezing or sucking noise in the air system-it's time for you to replace the air intake hose.

Features to look for

Air intake hoses are usually short tubes made of metal, plastic, rubber, or silicone. The ones made of metal are more durable but are less heat-resistant. Rubber, on the other hand, is more flexible, but it resists more heat than metal. It's important to look for hoses made of the right material that fits your engine's needs.

If you are buying an air intake kit, look for one that makes use of heat shields to isolate the air filter from the rest of the engine compartment. These brands offer heat-resistant hoses that can withstand heat up to 310 degrees Celcius. Heat, along with debris that accidentally made their way into the hose, is among the top factors in the corrosion or damage of an air intake hose.

Some aftermarket hoses offer enhanced oxygen flow to your car's engine compartment. Even these are not that expensive, so you might want to consider these products to replace your old ones.

Repair Guides

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How to Repair Your Air Intake Hose

Here's a quick lesson on internal combustion: take one part air, one part fuel, put the mixture in an enclosed space, and ignite it. The expanding gas releases an incredible amount of energy. This energy is then used to move pistons inside your engine, and the constant movement is what's needed to make your car run. Now from high school chemistry, we all learned that the slightest change in the amount of chemical put in a certain equation changes the whole solution altogether. This goes the same with your air intake hose-if it is torn and not enough air is drawn into the engine, the air-fuel mixture can become lean, and the engine will give you much less power and very poor gas mileage. Unfortunately, a torn intake pipe cannot be repaired. It needs to be replaced. Luckily for you, the brave DIYer, it is a very easy task made easier by this guide.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools you'll need:

  • Pliers
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver

Step 1: Before doing anything, make sure you have allowed your engine to cool down for at least 30 minutes to prevent burn accidents. Pull out the air filter by loosening and removing the clamps from the air filter assembly.

Step 2: Locate the mounting screws at the base of the air filter assembly and remove them. You will have to use either a Phillips or flat-head screwdriver. These are small screws, so set them aside and be careful not to misplace them.

Step 3: One end of the air intake hose feeds the engine. Detach the clamps or screws from that end, and remove the damaged intake hose. If you see any electrical equipment attached to the hose, remove them.

Step 4: At this point, if you have purchased a new intake system, install it in the engine bay. You can do this by removing the old air box and air filter, and mounting the new ones. You can still use the old screws or bolts.

Step 5: Connect the new air intake hose, and attach it by clamping it on. Reattach any electrical modules you removed earlier.

Due to their low cost, air intake hoses are one of the most popular performance upgrades available. However, before buying an aftermarket air intake, make sure it is compatible with your vehicle's make and model, as intake systems widely vary in size from vehicle to vehicle.

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