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Air Spring

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Springs are considered an integral part of the suspension system. However, not all springs have the capability to adapt to changes in the load your vehicle is carrying. As a result, the smoothness of your ride gets affected once there's a change in your vehicle's weight. So, if you're one of those drivers who want the same type of stability no matter how heavy or light your car's weight is, you might want to consider using an Air Spring instead of your regular suspension springs. Just like any other spring, this suspension component helps absorb impact and reduces vibrations. However, it does it in a different manner. Instead of compressing as it absorbs impact, this component uses air to give the vehicle the support it needs. It does this by using an air-filled cylindrical chamber that's positioned between the wheels and the vehicle's body. The vibrations made by the wheels are then absorbed by this component with the help of stored air. Because of this, driving through rough terrains won't be a problem. To add extra durability, each spring is constructed from high-grade materials like molded rubber or polyutherane. Additionally, this component is made to match OEM specifications so that it can directly replace stock suspension springs. On top of that, this spring can be easily installed if you have the right tools. The Air Spring absorbs wheel vibrations better than stock suspension springs. If you want that smooth driving experience, be sure to get this component from Auto Parts Warehouse today.

Repair Guides

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New Air Springs for Your Truck

Air springs are a type of suspension system that uses air pressure and compression to improve handling. Usually installed in trucks, these springs can easily wear out because of the uneven roads trucks are designed to go through.

This is a repair guide for the front air spring of an Audi allroad. Other models might have variations in the steps.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools needed:

  • Floor jack and jack stand
  • Lug wrench
  • Socket and wrench set
  • Screwdriver set
  • Torx bit
  • Lubrication
  • Replacement air spring

Step 1: Raise the vehicle using a floor jack and secure with jack stands. Remove the front wheel(s) using a lug wrench.

Step 2: Let the air out of the old air spring by disconnecting the air fitting on the top.

Step 3: Remove the bolt holding the springs from the control arms. Also remove the ball joints from the suspension link. Secure the hub assembly to avoid pressing on the brake lines and drive shafts.

Step 4: Take out the three bolts securing the spring under the hood. Before removing the last bolt, ask a helper to hold the spring before you completely loosen the bolt.

Step 5: Use a torx bit to remove the six mounting bolts on top.

Step 6: Detach the center flange nut from the shock. Set aside the rubber upper mount and washer. These will still be used for the new assembly.

Step 7: Separate the old air spring from the shock. You may need to tap the shock down if it's too tight.

Step 8: With the new air spring on hand, throw the old o-ring connecting the spring to the shock and replace it with a new, lubricated o-ring. Insert the new spring to the shock absorber.

Step 9: Return the top washer, rubber mount, flange nut and the other new o-ring (lubricated as well) to the assembly.

Step 10: Replace the shock caps and return the six torx bolts.

Step 11: Reverse the procedure to finish the repair.

This is a simple replacement job that will take about 1 hour.

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