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From its first cars built in 1910 and the iconic James Bond cars in "Octopussy" and "Quantum of Solace" to its newest models MiTo, Giulietta, Brera, Spider, and 159-the Italian pride Alfa Romeo has been known for its crafty and futuristic engineering, enduring style, and reliable performance. Alfa Romeo parts are some of the best in the history of production cars, whether for road or track use. These Alfa Romeo Accessories are tried and tested for reliable performance even under the most strenuous conditions. Now, if you're aiming to power up your Alfa Romeo, you can simply buy premium performance Alfa Romeo Car Parts like a power programmer to increase horsepower, torque, and drivability, or a cold air intake to improve engine performance and power. But if you want to just pimp your ride's look, you can purchase show-quality fender flares, bumper covers, valve covers, and many other accessories. However, if you're looking to replace some old, worn-out, or damaged parts such as brake pads, valve cover gaskets, radiators, and others, you simply can get them all here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Browse our catalogs today to find premium-quality Alfa Romeo parts at discounted prices of up to 70 percent on regular retail prices. This will give you huge savings every time you buy from us. So, if you want high-quality Alfa Romeo parts that don't cost much, buy from us right now!

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About Alfa Romeo Parts and Accessories

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Alfa Romeo: Adapting To You

With so many automobile manufacturers churning out so many different automobiles, it's a little difficult for any one of them to truly stand out. Enter Alfa Romeo. Where others have focused on speed and power, this Italian manufacturer has focused on innovations in control-allowing you to customize your driving experience to suit not just conditions on the road, but to your personality as well.

Decoding Alfa Romeo DNA

Simply put, this is a device that re-adjusts performance based on conditions as they change on the road. The best part is that it is absolutely simple to operate. All you need is to move the selector that they conveniently placed in front of the gear lever to enter into one of three modes:

  • Natural: The "default" configuration. This sets all components to their normal operational states. Engine output is balanced, and enough for an everyday drive. In this setting, no other special options are engaged.
  • Dynamic: As the name implies, this is the mode to select for those who want to experience the sporty side of their Alfa Romeos. This is the ultimate driving experience with the engine doubly responsive, enhanced coordination between standard braking and ABS, and dual pinion active steering engaged.
  • All Weather: The name might be a tad misleading as the only weather conditions that this setting is optimized for is wet and slippery. Engine functioning is normal-what is enhanced is the braking mechanism to allow for the finest degree of control over the stopping of your ride.

The beauty of it all is that it allows for a great deal of connectedness between driver and car-so much so that your driving experience becomes very specific to you.

Streamlining control

Of course, control is only effective insofar as the technology that it controls is worth the bother. In this regard, one can say that Alfa Romeo has the right thing going. Take a look at the 4C concept. A very wide detraction from the V8 norm, Alfa Romeo went for a balance of lightweight frame and lightweight engine-performance exceeds par and cost is much lowered. In a sense, Alfa Romeo innovates not through brute force and power, but rather with subtle finesse.

Alfa Romeo Trivia

Interesting Alfa Romeo Facts

  • Alfa Romeo is a legend in racing; it won in both the first World Motor Racing Championship in 1925 and Formula One World Championship in 1950.
  • Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors, once said would raise his hat whenever he saw an Alfa Romeo.
  • An Alfa Romeo model, the Giulietta, helped convict a murderer when it proved that it can cross Milan to Malpensa in less than one hour as cited by the defendant.
  • Alfa Romeo's return to the racing world after the WW II was made possible by five dismantled Alfettas hidden inside a Melzo-local cheese factory in Lake Orta, Italy

Featured Article

Alfa Romeo 4C: Driving the Dream

The automotive market is already saturated with sports cars. It's a funny thing to say considering that average joes don't have one threatening to take up garage space. It's true, however. With Porches, Ferraris, Maseratis, and Lamborghinis coming out with model after model nearly every season, it's difficult for any one manufacturer to manage to stand out.

The "cool" brand

Alfa Romeo never truly achieved the high echelons of success like its Italian contemporaries did. And yet, in a global survey of coolest brands conducted by marketing firm Allegro 234 in 2008, the Italian automotive manufacturer ranked a well-deserved 7th place.

One cool concept car

Italian sports cars are undeniably very beautiful. The only problem is that they seem to saturate the market so effectively that one can't help but adopt a "seen one, seen em all" attitude. What truly catches the eye when it comes to the Alfa Romeo 4C is that it is somehow familiar, yet tantalizingly (and excitingly) different somehow.

That's what we call curvaceous

When you look at the 4C from any angle, the first thing that strikes you is the predominance of gorgeous and sexy curves. Inside and out, there is not a single edge to be seen anywhere. True, curves have been done before-not quite like this. The 4C looks like something out of a science fiction novel-a spaceship or a sleek fighter-come to rule the roadways of the world.

Under the hood

It can't be just about the looks, however. When you talk about sports cars, speed is of equal consideration. Off the bat, what Alfa Romeo did was to first build the 4C with a whole lot of aluminum and carbon fiber. That alone makes the whole car significantly lighter: a mere 1,874 pounds for you number-crunchers.

What? No V8?

Because of the reduced weight, its performance is well balanced-out with a 1.8 L, 230-bhp, in-line, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. Simply put, the 4C does not need V8. Its power plant is enough to achieve 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and a blazingly fast top speed of 155 mph.

Rounding out this dream car is the six-speed Alfa TCT Dual Dry Clutch Transmission system and, of course, the patented Alfa DNA dynamic control that allows for performance matching with a driver's personality. Look for this bad boy to hit the roads in 2013!

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