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Did you know that your alternator bracket is the hardest-working part in your belt system? You tend to give importance to this underrated component, but the truth is this small bracket provides a huge help to your alternator. What makes this alternator bracket special is that it mounts your alternator in place so that it can function properly together with your other vehicle systems. Crafted from stainless steel, this bracket has enormous strength that can withstand harsh conditions, keeping your alternator secured and stable in place. What's more, this bracket is extremely durable it can last for a long time. Just make sure that you get a bracket that's compatible with your system for easy installation and efficient performance. You can get the perfect alternator bracket that best suits your vehicle here at Auto Parts Warehouse. With our discounts that go as much as 70 percent, you can purchase your desired item at a very affordable price! And when you buy more than $50 worth of items, we'll deliver them absolutely free! You can never see great bargains like ours in any other stores, so don't waste your time browsing the Internet. Place your order here now. You'll never regret it!

Buying Guides

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Getting a New Alternator Bracket - Buying Tips and Suggestions

When it comes to keeping the electrical components and accessories of your vehicle all powered up, the battery is the first thing that usually comes to mind. But while the battery supplies electricity to these components, what keeps it recharged and filled with juice is the alternator. And what keeps the alternator stable and steady is the bracket. The alternator bracket keeps it safe from harm while the vehicle is running, especially when it encounters bumps and potholes on the road. Like other components under the hood, this part is designed to be sturdy and durable, able to withstand harsh conditions. Unfortunately, heat, pressure, and regular use can take toll on the bracket’s strength. The weak bracket should be replaced at once. Here are some tips when looking for a replacement.


When it comes to fit, you have two options: the universal and direct-fit alternator bracket. The universal bracket can be used on a wide range of vehicles. If you’ll be using one of these, make sure that the bracket can support the alternator and mount it in place. Some adjustments and even some slight modifications may be done to make sure it fits better. On the other hand, you have a direct-fit bracket that’s specially designed with OE specs to match the features of the alternator in your vehicle. With this, you can be sure that the bracket is specially designed to match the alternator in your auto. To find the right bracket, use the complete vehicle details as a filter for your search.


The alternator bracket can be designed as a mid-mount or high-mount bracket. It can also be made for a specific type of alternator and water pump such as the 2-bolt straight mount alternator and counter-clockwise water pump with serpentine pulley or clockwise/counter clockwise water pump with V-belt pulley. Be particular with the specs. You can use the vehicle manual as a guide to find a compatible bracket for the type of alternator used in your vehicle. Also take note of the location, whether it’s for the passenger or driver side.


The bracket may cost around 20USD to 45USD to as much as 130 USD to 180 USD. This depends on the vehicle, type of bracket, and brand. Compare various prices before you choose an alternator bracket to buy.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Adjust an Alternator Bracket in 6 Easy Steps

In movies, there are main characters and then there are the supporting actors. The same thing can be said about some vehicle parts. While the alternator plays a bigger role by keeping the battery charged and helping it power up the vehicle’s electrical components (headlamps, radio, dash light, air-con/heater, cigarette lighter), the alternator bracket plays a smaller role in making sure that the alternator is mounted properly and fixed in place. So even if the vehicle is running, the alternator won’t be jostled out of its position. Aside from keeping the alternator stable and steady, the bracket also lets you make the needed adjustments on the alternator belt tension. Adjusting the bracket is quite simple. It’ll only take a few minutes and won’t require too many hand tools. A wrench is all you need, and you’re ready to get started. Let us show you how you can adjust the alternator bracket. Here’s a step-by-step guide for DIYers like you:

Difficulty level: Easy

Needed tool:

  • Wrench

Step 1: Use a wrench for disconnecting the positive battery cable from the battery’s positive terminal.

Step 2: Locate the bolts that link and secure the alternator to the engine. One of the bolts can be found at the bottom of the alternator, near the front. The other one is near the back. Another bolt is on the adjustable bracket. You can consult your vehicle manual or look for a diagram online to find these bolts. Once you’ve located all of the bolts that attach the alternator to the engine, you have to loosen them slightly using a wrench.

Step 3: Move the alternator along the adjustable bracket after you loosen the bolts.

Step 4: Make some adjustments on the bracket. Slide the alternator along the bracket. The alternator belt will be tighter if the alternator is pulled away from the engine. If this is shifted toward the engine, then the belt will be loose. Adjust the bracket accordingly.

Step 5: Secure the adjustable alternator bracket in position by tightening the bolts.

Step 6: Plug the positive battery cable back to the battery’s positive terminal.

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