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Your car wash is supposed to clean your car, not mangle it. That recent trip you made through it did not break your antenna, but it certainly beat it up. One more visit like that and the deed will surely be done! Besides, try getting reception from your favorite station when your antenna points west when it should point straight up. It isn't going to happen! Don't despair: we carry new antennas for just about every make and model of vehicle out there. Our prices are cheap, too! No need to jerry-rig an unsightly shirt hanger to do the job. We sell antennas that are right for you car, including power antennas. We sell for less because we buy directly from antenna manufacturers. With our stock of premium quality antennas you get a great product and the reception you need. We offer 24 hour sales support, a toll free number, free shipping, and match or beat pricing. No need for you to drive all over the place to comparison shop, we list everything we sell right online. Click your way through our online catalog, find the antenna you need, and place your order today.

Buying Guides

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Must-Have Info for Antenna Mast Buying

The car antenna mast is responsible for receiving signals you hear on your radio. It tends to deteriorate easily since it is exposed to the open environment. A mast sticking out also risks being broken when it is accidentally bent. Here are a few things to consider when buying a replacement for your stock antenna mast.


Since these masts stick out of the car, the material of the mast can affect the overall look of the whole car as well. Most antenna masts are sold either in a rubber, black, steel, or chrome finish. Rubber and black masts have a laid-back look while steel and chrome finish gives flash and shine. Try to sample different styles on your car and choose what looks best.


Replacements are sold in different lengths. While the stock usually reaches only up to 6-inches, aftermarket masts can extended from 8 up to 18 inches in length. Bigger is better. A longer rod improves the reception of the signal. But be careful that an increase in length also means an increase in the risk of damage the mast faces.


There is also a practical aspect in the picking process. Factor in as well the positioning of the antenna when buying a new mast. Antennas can be attached on a car's front or rear fender, or on the roof. A long, swaying, and shiny mast on the front might be distracting for the driver. A long antenna on the roof might affect a car's vertical clearance as well. You wouldn't want your new antenna to rub against carpark ceilings, trees, or road signs.

Power Antenna

Metal antennas can be bought as power antennas that retract when the radio is not in use. This is a good way of protecting the mast against environmental hazards. Visually speaking, retracted antennas also make the car look better compared to a car with a big mast sticking out.

Repair Guides

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Returning Power to a Power Antenna Mast

Power antennas are a good way of protecting the mast from the abuse of nature. Sadly, these masts still suffer regular wear and tear which damages its retracting mechanism. This leads to common problems such as a stuck mast or a bad signal.

Here is a quick guide in replacing your broken antenna mast for a power antenna.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tools Needed:

  • Clean cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Nose tip pliers
  • Socket wrench set
  • Replacement antenna mast

Step 1: Make sure that the radio is turned off so the antenna is in its housing. Manually push it in if it is stuck. Put cloth on the surrounding of the mast to avoid scratching the paint job during the repair.

Step 2: Use pliers, a screwdriver, or a wrench, to remove the nut at the base of the mast. Keep the nut in a safe place for later use. Locate the motor of the antenna inside the car's body. If the mast is on the front fender, look for the motor inside the wheel well. If it is at the back, the motor is located inside the side panel of the car.

Step 3: Unplug the cable connecting the antenna to the cable, and carefully remove the antenna unit from the body. Disassemble the motor by removing some screws and clips. Pull the antenna out and make sure the old antenna cable is off with it. Now would also be a good time to clean the motor off any grease.

Step 4: Insert the new mast into the mechanism. Wrap the new cable to the drum and reassemble the unit. Return the mechanism into the fender hole, and return the bolt removed from step 2.

Step 5: Test the new antenna if you get a good reception and if it extends and retracts properly.

This simple process will take about 20 minutes.

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