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Face it; backing up the vehicle can be extremely tough, even if you are an expert driver. Installing a back up camera clearly doesn't hurt; it provides a clear view of the ride's rear, making it easier to drive the vehicle in reverse. With this upgrade, you won't have to twist your neck, shoulders, and back just to be able to get a full view of the rear. It helps increase accuracy and precision every time you move backwards, reducing the chances of bumping against other cars, lamp posts, pedestrians or any other obstruction that make backing up the vehicle a little more challenging. This type of camera is extremely unique from other types of cameras since the image is horizontally flipped to provide a mirror image. It is necessary to flip the image to ensure that the left side displayed on the screen is the left side of the driver and not of the camera. The back up camera usually has a wide-angle or fisheye lens so that the driver can enjoy an unobstructed view of the horizontal path from one rear corner to the other and is pointed to the ground so he or she could easily spot the position of approaching walls and docks as well as potential obstacles on the ground. Other back up cameras offer added features such as weather shield, easy installation, portable size, night vision range, monitor with auto-dimming, and more. Weather shield provides protection to the camera so it provides a clear view of the back even if it's raining or snowing, while night vision range helps the driver see the rear clearly in spite of bad lighting. Install a back up camera on your vehicle today to enjoy all these features and more. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide variety of cameras to suit your needs, your ride, and your budget. Offered at low prices, these units provide great value for your money; they're reliable and durable. Every unit has a unique design and set of features that will definitely make backing up the vehicle fast, safe, and easy. It also comes in a different color or finish so you can easily match it with the look of your exterior. Purchase your needed item right here, right now! Simply click the shopping cart item on the site and you should be good to go. If you have questions, inquiries, or comments, simply drop us a line via live chat or give us a call on our toll-free hotline.

Buying Guides

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Helpful Tips When Buying a Back Up Camera

Backing up and out of your driveway can be pretty tricky. Yes, you may have your rearview mirror to help you out, but this mirror only shows you a fraction of what you should be seeing. No wonder many parking mishaps happen when a vehicle is moving in reverse. The good news is that there's one way to make backing up a little easier-and that's through investing in a quality back up camera.

The Back up camera explained

Back up cameras are attached to the back of a vehicle to help the driver see better when moving in reverse. The image created by a back up camera is flipped horizontally, so it becomes an exact mirror image of the original object. Since most back up cameras use wide-angle or fisheye lenses, it's possible to see the entire rear area of a vehicle. This makes it easier for a driver to maneuver his vehicle in reverse. Additionally, back up cameras are angled downward to prevent the driver from backing up into smaller road obstructions.

Types of back up cameras

  1. Surface-Mounted Back Up Camera- This type of back up camera is placed in the middle of the trunk and is held in place by brackets. Surface-mounted back up cameras are the cheapest back up cameras right now.
  2. Flush-Mounted Back Up Camera-This camera is installed near the keyhole or the center of the vehicle's rear end. It usually requires creating a small hole on the trunk lid of the vehicle.
  3. Night Vision Back Up Camera-This back up camera uses infrared lights to help you back up easily when there's very little light available.
  4. License-Plate Back Up Camera-As the name implies, this kind of back up camera is installed in the license plate. Because of its unique location, there's no need for drastic vehicle modifications when installing it.


  • Charged Couple Device Sensor (CCD)-This is the most effective and widely used sensor right now. The CCD sensor offers superb visibility and above-average resolution even in low light.
  • Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductors Sensor (CMOS)-The CMOS sensor is used by some vehicle owners because of its affordability. The downside to this sensor is that, unlike the CCD sensor, this one can't handle as much illumination from a bright light source.

Field of vision

When choosing a back up camera, a wide field of vision is a prerequisite because it lets the driver see the entire rear portion of the vehicle. If you want the best field of vision possible, choose sensors that are 0.5 inches in size.

Camera lens size

You have two main lens sizes to choose from: big lenses and small lenses. Big lenses obviously offer better vision for distant objects. Small lenses, on the other hand, give you a wider viewing angle for a more comprehensive field of vision.

Camera prices

Back up cameras can set you back anywhere from 150-450 US Dollars. Prices vary according to the brand, type, and model of the back up camera.

Repair Guides

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How to Install a Back Up Camera

Back up cameras are useful add-ons that can help maximize your driving visibility-particularly, when you're backing up. With this type of camera, you can see directly where your vehicle is headed as you move in reverse. Now, if you've recently bought a wired back up camera, the following instructions should help you install your new vehicle accessory.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools that you'll need:

  • Multimeter
  • Solder
  • Electric tape
  • Cordless drill
  • Self-tapping screw

Step 1: It's important that you figure out the perfect place to mount the back up camera. To attain the biggest and widest field of vision, the back up camera must be installed at the center of the vehicle's rear end.

Step 2: Back up cameras generally come with mounting hardware. Be sure to use the mounting hardware correctly by reading the instructions in the product manual.

Step 3: Find the reverse light wire and test it using a multimeter. When your vehicle is moving forward, the multimeter should read 0 volts. However, when the car moves in reverse, the multimeter should read 12 volts.

Step 4: Using a solder, attach the power wire of the camera to the reverse wire. That way, the camera activates the moment you move your ride in reverse.

Step 5: Cover the connection of the power wire and the reverse wire with an electric tape.

Step 6: Attach the ground wire of the back up camera using a cordless drill and a self-tapping screw.

Step 7: Test the newly installed back up camera by driving in reverse.

If you followed these instructions to a tee, then the back up camera should work properly. However, if you find that the camera isn't activating when you move in reverse, check its connection to the reverse wire. If all connections appear good, we recommend seeking help from your local mechanic.

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