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Bal Shaft Gear Case

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The automotive industry has continuously advanced over the years, and vehicle designs today have already turned even more sophisticated. Despite the advancements in the industry, however, no one can say that auto engineers have already perfected the art of vehicle engineering and designs. Flaws and imperfections still occur. And while there's still no solution to the flaws present these days, several forms of solution are already being introduced. One of these is the balance shaft, which is composed of parts like the balance shaft gear and the balance shaft gear case. So what is the automotive imperfection that a balance shaft addresses? Well, some engines have an asymmetrical design (an example is the inline four-cylinder engine) that causes vibrations at certain RPMs. Think of it as an imbalance in the engine, which is causing certain problems during certain conditions. Now while this problem does not have a permanent design solution just yet, a component is being added to the vehicle to balance out the system. That component is the balance shaft. You can look at this shaft as a counterweight designed to smoothen out the vibrations in the system. It comes in pair and rotates at opposite directions. It has a gear (and a balance shaft gear case) that is driven by the timing chain.

The inclusion of the balance shaft in vehicles with the mentioned problem above has proven to be an effective way to dampen engine vibrations. There are instances, however, when the balance shaft does not work well because of a busted gear. And, the gear can get damaged because of certain factors, one of which is the failure of the balance shaft gear case. And when a problem with the balance shaft and its supporting components happens, you're in for some driving troubles. In most instances, damage on these components can be detected through the check engine light. The CEL illuminates to give you warning, and you must never ignore this-do a thorough inspection at once to determine the cause of the problem. And if you find the shaft, the gear, or the balance shaft gear case damaged, replace it at once. Find your needed replacement in our catalog here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We have complete engine parts, replacement components for the different systems in your vehicle, and a wide range of car accessories. Shop here today for all your needed auto parts and add-ons.