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Battery Switch

We have 4 Items for Battery Switch In-stock.

Do you have an out-of-town trip, or is the winter season just around the block? Protect your car's electrical system and your batteries as well with a Battery Switch. Your car's battery, when not in use, should be disconnected from your car's electrical system. Failure to disconnect the battery can cause it to get drained and eventually damaged. Nobody wants to jump-start their vehicle by pushing it, right? A Battery Switch makes connecting and disconnecting the battery easier and faster. Most battery switches come with a knob that you screw on or off to close or open the circuit. This eliminates the painstaking process of removing and replacing the car battery terminals of your ride. This protects your car batteries from draining itself while it's not used. This also protects the car's electrical circuit from damage. This switch takes away all your worries before you tuck your car in the garage. So check Auto Parts Warehouse's catalog and let us help you find the best Battery Switch for your car. Our wide range of products assures you that there's a replacement or OE part for your ride. Enjoy high-quality products at the lowest possible prices in the market. Now that's great value for money, right? So place your order now only from your trusted source of online car parts, Auto Parts Warehouse.

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Protecting Your Car with the Right Battery Switch

With advanced technology also comes, unfortunately, advancement in the methods in pulling off a car theft. In the US alone, a car gets stolen every 43 seconds. Car theft has fallen nearly 40% over the last decade or so, but this amount is still staggering. Don't forget to lock your door, never park in the dark, don't hide a second set of keys inside the car-these are the most common pieces of advice you'll get to prevent your car from getting stolen. There is, however, a component you can install in your car that can add protection from car theft. A battery cutoff switch lets you easily turn your battery on and off. By disconnecting your battery, you can become more protected from thieves. It's very simple, if you think about it: you provide one more major obstacle for them to overcome before they're able to steal your vehicle. He will have to troubleshoot a little to find out why your car won't start. A battery switch also serves to extend battery life and safeguards your car's electrical system. Turning the battery off when leaving your vehicle for an extended period helps keep it from draining and extends battery life. The battery switch also acts as a safety device by removing battery power to the car's electrical system in an emergency situation.

Features to look for

There are two types of battery switches: ones that are mounted directly on the battery itself, and ones that have a switch inside the car. Look for battery switches that have a switch that is readily accessible to the driver from the driver's seat, as these are more practical.

We recommend getting a battery switch that has a removable key, which you can take with you after turning the battery off. Similar to a removable key, some battery switches have a knob that you can turn to disconnect the battery, then detach to deter theft. Be mindful of where you're planning to place the switch inside your car. Most switches are mounted on your dash, but if you're planning to put it behind the passenger's seat or anywhere else, be wary of the length of the wire provided.

Price range for clipped or mounted switches

Universal battery switches that are clipped onto the battery range from $15 - $40. If you're after convenience, however, we recommend a switch that can be mounted somewhere inside your car for easy access. These switches range from $50 - $80. For the added safety feature of the switch, it's definitely worth the investment.

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Date Published:

How to Install a Battery Switch

A battery switch disconnects your battery when you plan on going on a vacation away from home and without your car. It prevents the battery from draining during long-term storage and keeps your electrical system safe in general. It also provides extra protection from car theft, as thieves cannot start your car with the battery disengaged. When it's time to power up, simply turn the switch on, reconnect the battery, and you can activate your car again. Listed below are instructions how to install a battery cutoff switch in 4 easy steps.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools you'll need:

  • Battery switch
  • Baking soda and water solution
  • Wire brush

Caution: It is very important to buy a new switch that is rated to handle the load of your vehicle's battery. Choosing a used, worn, or underrated switch may result in serious problems with your electrical system or even start a fire.

Step 1: Turn off your engine and pop the hood. This is a safety precaution-this will prevent electric shock while you are installing your cutoff switch. Disconnect the positive battery terminal, followed by the negative terminal.

Step 2: Detach the battery clamp from the negative lead and set it aside. Clean your terminals with a solution made of baking soda and water. Next, use a wire brush to remove rust and other substances that clung to the terminals.

Step 3: Attach the battery switch to the negative terminal and tighten it with your hand. At this point, follow any special instructions that come with your battery switch. Reattach the negative lead to the switch and the positive lead to its corresponding battery terminal. Tighten them both and make sure they're secure.

Step 4: While the switch is turned off, start your vehicle. Turn it off and engage the battery switch. If all goes well, you can leave your car like this, and enjoy your vacation worry-free.