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For your car to get going, it needs a reliable energy source. And as you know, this energy source is the car battery. Vehicles require electrical energy to start-and the car battery is in-charge of providing just that. Without it, your automobile has no choice but to stay grounded. Once your engine is ready to go, the vehicle's alternator takes over. However, when the alternator fails, the job of powering the engine is once again reverted to the battery. Aside from its chief function, it's also responsible for pumping energy into some of your automobile's features, such as its various lighting functions as well as accessories such as the radio. Clearly, a car battery is one of the most vital components in your automobile. Therefore, you must ensure that it's protected and maintains its position at all times. The battery tray is the one that's tasked with that duty. The tray holds the battery in place with the assistance of several bolts, so that it won't get thrown off or something when your vehicle gets moving. Basically, it prevents damage to it. For that reason, it may be regarded to be just as crucial as the battery itself. It's because with a worn-out tray or without one at all, battery failure will be the result. And you know what that means. Most often than not, rust is to blame for a deteriorating battery tray. Rust in the tray is practically inevitable, as battery acid and water always find their way into it. With too much rust build-up, the battery tray pretty much becomes useless. Now, if your tray isn't overrun with rust yet, you can still try to clean it. But if it's not salvageable anymore, you can get a brand new battery tray from Auto Parts Warehouse.Auto Parts Warehouse houses car parts of all kinds, for cars of all kinds. We carry thousands upon thousands of replacement parts that are all of high quality. If you need a battery tray that's built to last, then look no further. We offer this and the rest of our products for incredibly affordable prices! All of the products from our site are budget-friendly-shopping at Auto Parts Warehouse wouldn't put a dent to your wallet. Plus, you also get free shipping if your order totals more than $50! It's a pretty sweet deal. With those, there's simply no reason not to shop here at Auto Parts Warehouse!

Repair Guides

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Battery Tray: Removal and Cleaning Instructions

Corrosion is one of the most common reasons behind battery tray damage. Although the battery tray is usually made using a hardwearing material like metal, constant exposure to battery leaks will lead to its eventual breakdown. Once the battery tray starts leaking, battery fluid can reach the receiver drier-and that could damage your vehicle's air conditioning system. Stop battery tray damage before it spreads by regularly cleaning this component! Use the following steps to rid your battery tray of corrosive agents.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools needed:

  • Wrench (1/2 inch)
  • 10mm wrench
  • 11mm wrench
  • Penetrating lubricant
  • Rust converter

Step 1: Prop your hood open, and locate your vehicle's battery. You should see brackets securing your battery in place.

Step 2: Using the ?-inch wrench, remove the nuts and bolts connecting the bracket to the fender well. To remove the bolts holding the bracket tab to the fender well, you will have to use a 10mm wrench.

Step 3: Disconnect your battery cables. For safety reasons, you'll have to remove the battery's negative cable before proceeding to the positive cable. Set these cables aside.

Step 4: If your battery bolts are already corroded, removing them will be difficult. To make bolt removal a bit easier, apply penetrating lubricant on the bolts. Let the lubricant set in for a few minutes.

Step 5: Using a 10mm wrench, remove the bolts securing the battery tray in place.

Step 6: Take out your battery and set it aside.

Step 7: Remove the battery tray from your car.

Step 8: Clean the battery tray's corroded parts using a rust converter. (Reminder: Be sure to wear protective eyewear like goggles, a mask, and gloves when applying the rust converter. Don't let the liquid touch any part of your body, because the rust converter is pretty hard to remove.)

Step 9: Let the rust converter dry. Once the battery tray is dry, reinstall the tray, battery, bolts, cables, and brackets in that order.

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