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Bed Rails

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Bed Rails Products

For an all-terrain and rugged pickup truck, installing stylish and durable bed rails may enhance the general appeal of your vehicle. Custom manufactured for specific vehicle applications, it readily complements your vehicle application requiring minimum fuss on fitment and installation. With no drilling or modification required, you are set within minutes of fastening and fitting. Available in attractive and well crafted finishes, it upgrades the look of your vehicle with welcome accents while enhancing the safety features of your vehicle. Go beyond aesthetics in getting your own bed rails. Durability and quality must be the determining factors to ensure long lasting support while simply looking great on your pickup truck. The product is coated with anti-rust materials with chrome, black power coat, and stainless steel constructions with maximum load or weight capacity to provide excellent support necessary for accident free truck bed and cargo access. Located at the rails of your truck bed, it facilitates easy and safe cargo handling or loading or roping to secure everything in place against the hassles of on and off-road driving. Lighted truck rails are also available, it employs LED lights which are directly connected to your signal and running lights for increased visibility and aesthetic features. Go on and add extreme tie down and load support with heavy duty bed rails. Available in a number of design applications with practical and stylish construction features, it works well in upgrading your vehicle's look while keeping your cargo fro slipping or being thrown overboard while driving. With plus half-ton of load of strength and rigidity, it makes a great valued investment that simply looks great in effectively customizing your vehicle's look and setting it apart from its factory appeal. Our site carries great selections of design applications for premium quality bed rails. Go on and seal excellent deal with us with our convenient online shopping catering to your every automotive needs right at your fingertips.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Finding the Best Bed Rails for Your Truck

The true test of a truck's bed is in how useful its bed is for carrying load. However, if you are too conscious with the bodywork of the bed's sides to even try putting cargo on it, you might need protection. Bed rails offer just that, and add style to the simple bed rail. When picking rails for your truck, here are a few things you might want to consider.


Most bed rails are made of a steel tube that runs the length of the truck's bed. Manufacturers put a spin on this by putting out rails of different styles. You can choose from chrome, black coated, stainless steel finish to name a few. Some are even diamond plated to give a rugged, tough look.

They also have different mounting styles. A common design is the curved pipe that connects the edge to the rail's surface for a clean look. Others use a bridge style that supports a pipe with extended ends. Some mounts look clean and seamless on the rails, while others have visible screws and gaskets.


As much as your bed rails look cool and flashy, they shouldn't only be about the looks. These should be used to protect the body, so a weak and flimsy one wouldn't do. Some pipes that aren't designed for rope to be tied on tend to break and bend. Make sure that your bed rails are tough enough to support the extra weight and pressure of carrying big loads.


Trucks can be fitted with other bed accessories, so a bed rail easy to remove is a good buy. If the bed rails you are looking at seem like it requires a lifelong commitment to your truck's bed, forget about it. Most rails use removable bolts and screws to secure them. Better if the rails come with clamps because you wouldn't need to tamper with your truck that much in terms of installation and removal.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Really Easy Bed Rail Assembly

Bed rails are an accessory you can add to your truck's bed. These shiny pipes enhance the looks of your truck to give it a break from the simple paint job finish. The rails also function as a protector and a piece where you can tie your load to. Fitting your truck with one of these is an easy process. This guide will give you a general overview as to how to install most bed rails in the market.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools needed

  • Bed rail kit (includes manual, pipes, housing, plates, and screws)
  • Allen wrench set
  • Screwdriver set
  • Rubber mallet
  • Drill set

Step 1: Open the bed rail kit and check if the contents are complete. Refer to the manual to count if all parts are included. Clean metal parts to a shine.

Step 2: Start on one end first. Rail manufacturers would have varying instructions per rail model. Generally, the next step would be to insert the main bolt into the rail housing assembly. Secure with this any gaskets and mounting plates with the set.

Step 3: Insert the rail if the kit has the main pipe detached from the housing assembly. Lightly tap the pipe in with a rubber mallet if it won't instantly fit in.

Step 4: Insert the assembly in the truck's stake hole. If there is none, mark the main bolt's tip on the stake area, and drill your own hole. Make sure the bolt is a snug fit on the hole.

Step 5: Secure the assembly with any plates or nuts to be placed under the stake hole.

Step 6: Do the other ends and other rails after. Make sure that the rails are properly aligned.

Step 7: Finish the job by cleaning and polishing the rails for a new-look finish.

The entire job will take around 30 minutes.


  1. Hand-tighten the bolts when aligning the rails to make adjustments easier.
  2. Place rags around the work area to protect the body from possible dents and scratches, especially if you have to drill a hole.

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