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Traveling in a stylish ride is not really enjoyable if you can't control the interior temperature of the vehicle. Make sure your air conditioning and ventilation unit is fully functional with a top-notch set of components, such as this blend door motor. This unit is the heart of the blend door, also known as temperature door, a component that opens and closes the passage to control the mix of hot and cold air needed to achieve the temperature set for the air conditioning and heating systems. This motor is connected the vehicle's computer; it closes the blend door against the heater core inlet when you turn on the AC and helps the blend door redirect the air flow through the heater core into the vents when you choose to switch on the heater. With a broken motor, you may get either extremely hot air from the AC or extremely cold air even if you've switched on the heater. Some signs you need to look out for when you have a damaged blend door motor include AC and heater malfunction as well as creaking and popping sounds from the dash every time you switch on your AC. By watching out for these signs, you can easily detect the problem of your vehicle and purchase the necessary replacement to have the AC and heater up and running again. You can secure all the vehicle replacements, upgrades, and accessories you need when you head straight to Auto Parts Warehouse. With a high-class ordering system, secure payment gateways, and reliable international shipping, online shopping for parts is definitely convenient and hassle-free. Auto Parts Warehouse has a wide selection of products to pick from; whether you need a simple blend door motor or any other engine components, we surely can get it for you. What's more, all the items you can find on our online catalog is sold at really low prices, making us the perfect one-stop shop for auto enthusiasts, drivers, and car owners who wish to save on their next set of replacements. Auto Parts Warehouse works with the major brands in the market, allowing us to guarantee a high level of quality in all products we carry even if they are priced at the lowest rates. Isn't that simply awesome? Make the most out of your auto; keep your passengers comfortable by ensuring your air conditioning and heating units function well, get this blend door motor now!

Repair Guides

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Replacing a Bad Blend Door Motor

A blend door motor is a device that controls the temperature inside your car. Every time you change the heat level on the control panel, the blend door should make the necessary adjustments to let enough warm air in. However, if there you still feel too warm, or too cold, despite all the adjustments you made, chances are the blend door motor has failed you. Replacing it is a simple process that requires minimal tools, and lots of patience.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools needed:

  • Car owner's manual
  • Socket set
  • Wrench set
  • Screwdrivers
  • New blend door motor

Step 1: Park your car, and turn off the engine. Disconnect the battery to avoid accidental shocks during the repair.

Step 2: The blend door motor is usually located behind the center console. For most cars, this can be accessed by removing the glove compartment door to expose the insides of the front. Other cars require you to remove interior panels along the center console, or on the sides, to access the electrical wires inside. Refer to your car owner's manual for its exact location.

Step 3: Push aside other devices and wires to make your way to the blend door motor.

Step 4: Once it is in reach, disconnect the electric wires that feed the motor. After getting the wires off, take out the motor itself. There are cars that have blend door motors bolted on the car. Remove these bolts to remove the motor. For some models, the motor is not secured by bolts, and can be easily pulled from its mount.

Step 5: Get your replacement blend door motor, and insert it on its mounting. Guide the motor to properly make contact with the door itself. Screw the bolts remove, if there are any, and reconnect its electrical wires. Return also any other wires and devices removed while making your way to the motor.

Step 6: Before replacing the panels, or glove compartment door, test the new motor first. Reconnect the battery, and start your engine. Move the temperature control and feel if the heat level changes. If you are satisfied with your repair, and the motor appears to be working, finish the repair by reinstalling the panels, or glove door.

The whole process may take about 1 hour.


  1. Wear safety gloves to protect your hands. You will be working with limited space packed with some sharp edges.
  2. While doing the blend door motor, it may also be a good idea to check the blend door itself. With some extra steps, and cutting tools, you can see if the blend door also has problems.

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