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A blend door repair kit is your best friend in your fight to keep cool (or warm, depending on what you want). In most modern vehicles, the blend door acts like a general of sorts, directing air through either the AC evaporator core or the heater core depending on whether cool air or hot air is desired. When you go for full AC, as on a very hot day, the blend door is shut against the inlet leading to the heater core, and air flows around the core and directly into the vent system. When you go for the heater, the compressor is shut down, the air flowing through the evaporator core has no temperature change, and the blend door directs some or all of the airflow through the heater core and into the vent system. The problem arises when, over time, the constant switching of the blend door causes it to get overstressed and, eventually, break. Breakage leads to total loss of control over hot and cold. While that might not lead to any serious accident, it is very inconvenient an experience that can be readily avoided with a blend door repair kit. This handy, durable, and easy-to-install kit is designed to repair loose, cracked, and even broken blend doors in a pinch. --end--This kind automotive repair kit is really an investment in comfort. True, it isn’t something game changing that will save your life but, as any seasoned motorist will tell you, comfort is a worthwhile thing to spend money on. And that’s the thing with a blend door repair kit too! They aren’t expensive at all! What’s more, we at Auto Parts Warehouse make even more affordable what’s already affordable. We don’t skimp on quality either, as you will find only top-quality products from the best brands in the business at reasonable prices. We even back this up with our famous Price Match guarantee. If you’re able to find anybody who sells the part or accessory you want at a cheaper price, just let us know, and we’ll match or even beat their price for you! For your convenience, we have multiple payment options, and all of these don’t compromise on all-important security features that prevent unsavory people from snatching your oh-so-valuable account information. Affordability, quality, convenience, and security are what you expect to get from Auto Parts Warehouse. So, if you’re feeling a little cooked or shivering cold, don’t delay! Order your blend door repair kit today, and take back control of your cabin comfort!

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