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Blower Motor Resistor Products

Is your ride's climate control system blowing too much or too little air than expected? Can't seem to control your car's blower motor? A busted Blower Motor Resistor can very well be the culprit for this. This resistor is responsible for controlling the fan speeds of the car's heating and air conditioning unit. A broken resistor will cause troubles in operating the car's blower motor, as the electricity supplied in the blower motor is higher or lower than what is recommended. This erratic operation of the blower motor does not only cause passenger discomfort, but also damages the vehicle's climate control system. That is why you need a properly working Blower Motor Resistor now. Available in different designs including a resistor wire type and a printed circuit board type, these resistors are designed and made exactly for your ride. This resistor regulates the amount of voltage being supplied in the blower motor, making sure that the fan blowers get to blow the right amount of air. So go and get your car's Blower Motor Resistor from Auto Parts Warehouse now! And get high-quality products at the lower prices possible. Get more value for your money right now only from the trusted auto parts source, Auto Parts Warehouse.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

The Dos and Don'ts of Buying a New Blower Motor Resistor

Have you had enough with either having to turn off your AC system or enduring freezing cold because of a faulty blower resistor? Are you stuck with a car air-conditioner that only blows cooling air at a high speed? If you are, then it's about time you replace a faulty blower motor resistor with something that works. Here are a few dos and don'ts to help you in shopping for the right one.


  • Check the type of blower resistor your car needs. There are basically two types of blower motor resistors, one that uses coils and another that uses transistors. If you're driving an older car, then chances are it's fitted with a coil-type resistor. Modern cars, on the other hand, usually have blowers that are transistorized. You can also double check the type of resistor you have by looking at the part itself. If you see a number of wires hanging from the part, then you'll need to get a coiled one. But if the resistor is simpler in design, then get one with a transistor.
  • Count how many terminals your old resistor has and ensure that the new resistor has the same number. Blower motor resistors vary according to the number of prong terminals that they have. They can have either 6, 4, or 3 prong terminals. Just to be sure that you get the right kind, always compare the new one with your old resistor. This will ensure optimum compatibility and smoother, more efficient operation once the part is installed.


  • Don't buy remanufactured or rebuilt parts. Although they are cheaper than OEM parts, they are also unreliable when it comes to fit and quality. This kind of auto parts is prone to corrosion damage and it also carries an uncertain amount of mileage. Especially for electrical components, such as a blower motor resistor, it is still best to stay away from rebuilt parts to ensure overall quality.
  • Don't settle for a blower motor resistor that is not backed by suitable warranty coverage. The standard for this kind of part is for period of 1-year with an unlimited-mileage. So make sure you don't get anything less. Remember, it's better to get a good warranty to get the best value of out of your part.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

DIY Guide: Installing a New Blower Motor Resistor

Do you find it annoying when your blower fan is working only at one speed? If you feel like you're not getting the most out of your A/C unit because of a faulty blower motor, then you should start thinking about replacing your blower motor resistor. Here's a sure fire way to help you replace your new resistor with ease:

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

Things you'll need:

  • New blower motor resistor
  • Socket wrench
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Before working on anything electrical inside your car, be sure to disconnect your battery's cable. Open the hood of the car and locate your battery. Using a socket wrench, remove the negative cable on your car's battery.

Step 2: Open your passenger's side door. To give you space while working on your A/C system, push back the passenger's seat. Lie down in a position where you can see the parts inside your dash.

Step 3: Know where your blower motor is. The blower motor is located within your dashboard. It's a black cylinder with wires and hard plastic tubes connected to it. Within your blower motor is your blower motor resistor. It is the smaller plastic box attached to your blower motor. If you still can't find it, follow the wire harness connected to your blower motor. You should be able to find your way through the resistor.

Step 4: Now that you've located both your blower resistor block and its wiring harness, press the tab on the plastic harness and pull it off. This will unplug your wiring connector from your blower resistor block.

Step 5: After disconnecting the two parts from each other, unscrew your faulty resistor block from your blower motor and discard it.

Step 6: Install your new blower motor resistor in place. Follow steps 3 to 5 in reverse order to complete your installation.

Step 7: Reconnect your battery cables and start your car to check the blower motor resistor.

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