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BMW: Innovations through the Years

When it comes to excellence in design and functionality, only a handful of automakers can match what BMW has accomplished. This Munich-based automaker has been building vehicles for over 100 years and there are simply no signs that BMW is going to slow down.

Believe it or not, BMW started out as an aircraft manufacturer back in 1910. However, the company changed direction in the 1920s when it decided to launch its very first vehicle called the Dixi. Today, BMW is acknowledged for innovations that changed the face of the automotive industry.

Alternative-Energy Vehicles

BMW shocked the world when it introduced the 7-Series Hydrogen, which, as the name implies, is the world's very first vehicle that runs exclusively on hydrogen power. Because this car is powered by hydrogen, it emits a very clean water vapor that isn't harmful to both human health and the environment.

Dynamic Traction Control

The Dynamic Traction Control or DTC is one of the premier innovations of BMW. Basically, its principle is to allow more wheel slip so that there will be more variation when it comes to the driving style. With this feature, you will never have any trouble pulling out off from snow or loose terrain from a standstill. The DTC functions by curbing the engine output while stopping the slipping of the wheels.


Apart from world-class vehicles, BMW is also a major player in the production of motorcycles. The company has been building motorcycles since the 1920s and it continues to build them until today.BMW's very first motorcycle was called the R32 and it was launched way back in 1923. The R32 started what the world would eventually know as the "R Series" because of the motorcycles' distinct layout and style.

Less than a decade ago, BMW made a huge leap when it started building the motorcycle called the K1200S Sports Bike. This type of motorcycle is capable of producing 167 horsepower and it featured an electronically adjustable suspension system.

BMW is one of the most powerful and influential companies in the world and there's no doubt that it will introduce more innovations in the future.

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A Close Look at BMW's Dynamic Light Spot System

Safety on the road should be a driver's number one priority no matter what. BMW knows this and that's the reason why it has invested heavily on developing safety features that would further enhance the performance of all its vehicles especially at night. One safety feature that BMW has earned accolades for is "Dynamic Light Spot".

What is the Dynamic Light Spot?

Basically, the Dynamic Light Spot or DLS is a lighting feature that directs a beam of light to a pedestrian or object, thus, alerting the driver and preventing a potential accident from ever happening.

The DLS is especially designed for nighttime driving since accidents are four times more likely to happen during that time. The reason why accidents happen is because drivers are late to recognize pedestrians or objects on the road. The DLS attempts to eliminate that by targeting a high beam of light to pedestrians on the road during nighttime right away.

How does the DLS Work?

The DLS is able to get the job done with the help of sensors to identify objects on the road. Any moving object will be targeted immediately using a spot of light and that in turn alerts the driver immediately. Once a person or object is recognized, a driver will be able to step on the brake pedal to prevent an accident.

With the DLS, a strip of light is used to illuminate a particular object on the road. The crucial aspect here is "attention". Once the driver's attention is already present, it becomes a lot easier to react accordingly. The DLS alerts the driver of an object on the road way beyond the "breaking distance". Because of that, any driver will have enough time to stop the vehicle once he or she is alerted.

BMW Trivia

Fun Facts About BMW

  • BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke.
  • BMW's logo is somewhat a rip-off of the Bavarian flag. Since the company started in that German state, it's not surprising that BMW's founders wanted to pay homage to their country.
  • BMW is fond of using the "series" tag in most of its vehicles. The whole thing started back in 1972 when the company launched the 5-series.
  • BMW's first car was the Dixi, and it was first sold back in 1928.
  • BMW launched a vehicle that runs solely on hydrogen power. As a result, it doesn't emit any smoke, making it one of the cleanest cars around.

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