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Replacing your car's brake pads? Then make sure you apply Brake Anti Squeal Paste to your car's calipers and pads, lest you'd want your car's brakes to shriek like crazy when you step on the brakes. Brake pads and brake discs that constantly come into contact tend to make a noise because of the friction between them. This special lubricant lessens, if not prevents, the noise you hear when braking. A must-have every time you change your brake car's brake pads, a Brake Anti Squeal Paste makes sure that the pads and the calipers are well lubricated. This not only lessens the noise, but also lubricates metal parts that may corrode over time. Protect your car's braking system from damage and eliminate that weird and irritating sound that the brake does. Go and get your car's Brake Anti Squeal Paste only from Auto Parts Warehouse now! Choose the part that your car needs by browsing through our product catalog. Our wide range of products will help you find that part that fits your ride well. Get products with superior quality and unbelievably low prices. So for your entire car parts needs, place your orders now only from Auto Parts Warehouse.

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Fix Noisy Brakes With Anti Squeal Paste

Noisy breaks are annoying. Even when you've installed new pads, you might encounter some brake squeal every now and then. If the noise is constantly there, even with new parts, then you'll need to apply some anti-squeal paste. Most of the time, this high-pitched noise is cause by the vibration of the brake pads against the calipers, so you'll need to coat it with some anti-squeal paste that will eliminate the noise without affecting your car's braking performance. Go through our quick guide and find the right brake anti squeal paste for your ride.

Stop the noise without affecting your brakes

Your brakes rely on friction to stop or slow down your vehicle. Unfortunately, grease works the opposite way. It lubricates parts so that they don't grind against each other in the process or produce any unnecessary noise. The key to a good anti-squeal paste is to find a product that will stay in place (behind your brake pads) so that it won't affect the other parts of your brake system. Most brake grease or anti-squeal products that are out on the market today are already formulated to stay in place and not drip out anywhere else. But you'll still want to make sure that you just apply them properly, so that they won't seep into the other parts of your braking system.

Go for heavy-duty

You wouldn't want to always go under your vehicle and apply brake grease every now and then. You'd want a product that will stick onto your brake pads and resist water and dust. Look for products with long adhesion times, so you won't have to replace them often. Good brake anti squeal paste should remain on your brake pads until the pads themselves wear out. You won't have to spend much as well, as small tubes of brake grease go for around $2 - $5 while those in larger tubes go for $15 - $20.

Repair Guides

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Applying Brake Anti Squeal Paste

Squealing brakes can be a headache to deal with, especially if you're in the middle of a long trip. Most of the time, this horrible noise is caused by the vibration of a brake pad against the caliper and should be resolved ASAP. Applying some brake anti squeal paste in the right areas will surely eliminate that high-frequency squeal, allowing you to focus on driving without the bothersome squeaking. Using this paste is pretty easy, you won't need to hire a mechanic or visit a repair shop. You'll just need a couple of basic tools and about an hour or so of your time to get this done.

Difficulty Level: Easy

What you'll need

  • Tire iron
  • Ratchet
  • Socket set


Make sure that you follow the instructions on how to apply your brake anti squeal paste properly, as listed here or on the packaging of the brake anti squeal paste. Placing this paste on other areas in your car's braking system can decrease your vehicle's braking performance, which could be dangerous if you need extra stopping power.


Step 1: Begin by loosening the lug nuts on your wheels using a tire iron.

Step 2: Lift your vehicle using a jack and place it securely on a couple of jack stands.

Step 3: Remove the lug nuts and pull off the wheels from your vehicle.

Step 4: Locate your brake caliper and look for the caliper bolts. There should be two, an upper and lower bolt.

Step 5: Loosen and remove the lower caliper bolt. As for the upper bolt, you'll only need to loosen it, but you do not have to remove it at all.

Step 6: You should then pivot the caliper upwards, away from the brake pads, so you could apply some brake pad grease.

Step 7: Apply a thin coat of grease of anti-squeal paste on the rear end of both brake pads. Make sure that you coat the entire rear of the pad evenly.

Step 8: After you've applied the brake anti squeal paste, you should push the caliper back down over the brake pads and tighten the caliper bolts into place.

Step 9: Mount your wheels back on, lower your vehicle back on the ground, and tighten the lug nuts properly.

Step 10: You should go out for a test drive and see if the problem has been solved. Once you're satisfied that the squealing is gone, you should store the brake anti squeal paste in a safe location in your garage for future use.

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