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In the world of "power-assisted" everything, more and more devices are installed in cars to make them better and safer. Power-assisted brakes need the engine to generate and boost pressure in the master cylinder. A Brake Booster Check Valve is an important device that controls the vacuum in the brake booster and the engine. A brake booster relies on the engine to produce vacuum that multiplies the pressure that the driver is giving the brake pedal. A broken or failing brake booster may cause the braking system to fail. So if your car's brake pedal starts to feel weird to step on and there's not enough vacuum, do check your car's Brake Booster Check Valve. This makes sure that the vacuum produced by the engine is only let in when it is needed. This keeps the balance of the vacuum in the engine and the booster to better aid the driver in applying that needed pressure on the brake line. So make sure that the Brake Booster Check Valve is okay, or get one now from Auto Parts Warehouse. Keep your cars running at their best. Get your car parts need only from your dependable buddy in frugal and good car repairs, Auto Parts Warehouse.

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5 Steps to Repairing your Car's Brake Booster Check Valve

The brake booster check valve sounds like a complicated thing, but its task is actually pretty simple: it ensures that the disc brakes will work even when the engine is turned off. But it's when the valve malfunctions that things really get complicated. A compromised valve could mean loss of pressure inside the booster, which in turn would mean a loss in brake function. If you have good reasons to believe that the check valve in your brake booster is damaged and not working properly, it must be replaced immediately. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your brakes when you drive.

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

Tools needed:

  • Wrench or screwdriver
  • Hand-held vacuum pump

Step 1: Open the hood of your car and locate the brake booster. The valve is found near where the vacuum line connects to the dome-shaped brake booster.

Step 2: Look for and remove any clamps connecting the vacuum line to the check valve. Once the clamps are out of the way, remove the vacuum line itself.

Step 3: Using a wrench or screwdriver, detach the check valve from the booster. Apply 15-20 hg of pressure to the input end of the valve using the vacuum pump. If the valve is broken, the pump should indicate pressure lose.

Step 4: Install the new check valve on the booster and reattach the vacuum hose. Replace the clamps you may have removed as well.

Step 5: Close the hood, turn on the ignition and check the brakes for pressure. Once the engine is running, the brake pedal should go down slightly due to the vacuum generated inside the booster.

If the valve is installed correctly, the brakes should work long after the engine has stopped running. If not, the brake booster must also be faulty and have to be replaced as well.


To prevent damage to the vacuum lines, make sure that there is no pressure on the line before you try and remove it from the booster. To do so, press on the brake pedal several times with the engine off. This should remove any vacuum from the booster and the vacuum line.

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