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Are you changing your car's brake pads anytime soon? Then you should also get a new set of Brake Caliper Bolt to replace the old ones. You see, this set of bolts holds the brake pads into the brake calipers. This keeps the pads from being detached to the calipers while letting the pistons in the calipers compress the brake disk through the pads. These bolts receive great amounts of stress every time you step on the brakes. So it is recommended that you do replace them as soon as you change your car's brake pads. A new Brake Caliper Bolt is made of high-quality metals that ensure years of worry-free operation. Enjoy the peace of mind of having a bolt that can withstand the abuse that you're giving it. Get your car's new Brake Caliper Bolt by checking out Auto Parts Warehouse's inventory of premium products sourced from reputable manufacturers. Find the right-sized bolts that should fit your car. Enjoy great quality and craftsmanship at prices that are easy on the pocket. Enjoy great value for your money only from your ultimate online source of all your car parts and tools: Auto Parts Warehouse. Stop lingering and place your order right now!

Buying Guides

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Getting Brake Caliper Bolts the Smart Way

Your car's brake calipers are one of the most essential components in your vehicle's disc braking system. As such, you'd want to make sure that it's always working, and that it stays in place underneath your car. Your brake calipers are usually held in place by a pair of brake caliper bolts, an upper and lower bolt on each caliper. In time, these bolts could wear out, and that could affect your vehicle's braking power, so you'd want to take them out and replace them ASAP. It's quite easy to buy the right sized bolts for your brake calipers, all the information that you'll need would be in your car's manual or just a phone call away. The only hard part that you'll have to deal with is taking out your old bolts, which can be a chore to deal with.

Get the right size

The only thing that you'll need to worry about brake caliper bolts is that you get the right size that'll fit into the sockets of your brake calipers. Check your vehicle's manual or give your dealer a call to know what sized bolts you'll need. You wouldn't want a loose bolt that won't properly mount your calipers in place, nor would you want a useless oversized one that won't even fit.

You'd also want to get the right number of bolts for your car. It can be quite frustrating to be underneath your car and realize that you're missing one more bolt, after you've spent the whole afternoon removing your old stubborn ones.

Stick with OEM

Never use just any other bolt that you find in your local hardware store to replace your brake caliper bolts. They are not made to handle the extreme heat and stress associated with car brakes, and could snap at any moment. Stick with OEM made brake caliper bolts as they are designed to fit perfectly into compatible brake calipers. Most brake caliper bolts would cost around $15 - $40, depending on the bolt's size. Nevertheless, it is money well spent since they'll guarantee to keep your brake calipers in place, and have your brakes working when you need them.

Repair Guides

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How to Remove Brake Caliper Bolts

Removing your car's brake calipers is pretty easy, but the hardest part with the procedure is dealing with the bolts that hold the calipers in place. Whether they're rusted shut, worn off, or are just plain stubborn to come off, you'll probably spend more time dealing with these caliper bolts than with the brake calipers themselves. Save time and money with our quick guide, so you could get those pesky bolts out of your car in no time at all.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

What you'll need

  • Wood block
  • Tire tool
  • Floor jack
  • Penetrating oil
  • Bolt-out kit
  • Socket wrench


Step 1: Pull up your emergency brake and place a wood block behind your rear wheels, to prevent your vehicle from accidentally rolling away.

Step 2: Loosen the lug nuts on your wheels using a tire tool, but do not take them out all the way just yet.

Step 3: Lift your car up using a jack and keep it secure by placing it properly on a couple of jack stands.

Step 4: Remove the lug nuts entirely so you can pull out your tire.

Step 5: Locate your brake caliper and find the upper and lower caliper bolts. Use a socket wrench to loosen them and take them out of their sockets.

Step 6: If you are having difficulty removing the caliper bolts because of rust, then you should spray some penetrating oil on them to loosen them up. Allow the oil to seep into the bolts and leave them on for about 10 minutes. Spray some more penetrating oil before you use a socket wrench to loosen it from its mount. You might need to use a rubber mallet to force the socket wrench to move, and you may end up destroying your old caliper bolt in the process just to take it out.

Step 7: Once you've removed your old caliper bolts, simply replace them with new aftermarket replacements, fit everything back together, and you're done!


If you're having a hard time removing a stubborn bolt, you might need to hire a mechanic to help you out. Forcing a broken bolt out of its socket might damage nearby parts, so it's best to have a professional work on it instead.

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