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Brake Dust Shields

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Brake Dust Shields Products

Not again!!! Did you get brake dust on your wheels last weekend? Protect your wheels from brake dust with these cool Kleen Wheels brake dust shields. Just think: you might never have to waste time cleaning your wheels again when you use these brake dust shields! We offer an outstanding selection of Kleen Wheels brake dust shields in our online catalog. You're guaranteed low, wholesale pricing when you place your order with us. Shop with us for your set of brake dust shields and we'll make sure you get the lowest prices and highest quality brake dust cover available. Come see what everybody else is talking about!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

How to Choose Brake Dust Shields for Your Vehicle

Having break dust shields on your wheels frees you from a back-bending dust-cleaning practice. More importantly, it protects your alloy wheels from rusting due to the frequent occurrence of brake dust. Knowing which brake dust would suit your car depends on certain factors and considerations.

Benefits of built-in vs. add-on dust shields

Some vehicles come with built-in dust guards, usually not intended for dust shielding but can act as one. It's more often in the form of backing plates. Though it's handy that they're built-in, the drawback comes when they become worn. Being manufactured originally for your vehicle, it means that you either get an aftermarket replacement or an OEM product, or obtain another pair from your manufacturer.

Add-on or aftermarket dust shields offer a wider range of options, from sizes and compatibility, to prices and durability. Modern brake dust shields even offer an eco-friendly version. Aside from saving Mother Nature, eco-friendly brake dust shields also provide convenience when it comes to maintenance. It doesn't require frequent replacement and it can easily be cleaned, from time to time, using only water.

Brands that matter

Brake dust shields come from different manufacturers. Almost every company claims that their dust shields are the best. However, choosing your brake dust shield doesn't rely only on the brand's prestige but also in the brands price offers. Pricewise, here are your brake dust shield choices:

  1. Kleen Wheels ? They offer direct fit dust shields plus the fact that their prices don't dig a hole in your pocket. Their brake dust shields come as a set of two, are covered with a limited lifetime warranty , and designed with a matte black finish for a sophisticated look. A set of two Kleen Wheels dust shields only costs around $53. If you're after affordable yet quality dust shields, then this is a candidate.
  2. Omix ? If you're looking for high-end brake dust shields with a classy design, then Omix is what you need. Their brake dust shields come as a set of two as well, but they offer only a limited warranty unlike Kleen Wheel's lifetime warranty. Their key feature is that they are made in stainless steel with a polished finish, giving your wheels the added hype for its appearance.

Be it an OEM or a universal product, it's the quality of the brake dust shields that you should look out for. You can also try asking for suggestions from peers and from experts on your vehicle type.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Install Brake Dust Shields and Say Bye-Bye to Dirt

Clean and shiny wheels are so good to the eyes. Unfortunately, they can't always be like that. Wheels are very prone to dirt, mud, and sand from the roads. Also, some of these filth are produced mechanically like brake dust from the vehicle's brake pads.

There is a very simple way to protect your wheels from all these pollutants. You can install brake dust shields on your wheels. They actually work great to prevent dirt from reaching the wheels and they also add a little style in your rims.

If you wish to save a few cash, you may opt to install brake dust shields by yourself. You don't have to go to an auto shop and pay the mechanic to do this for you. Once you have the tools and pieces of equipment, you can start the job right away. This step-by-step instruction can be your guide on how to put this component in your car.

Difficulty level: Moderate


  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Wrench
  • Brake dust shields
  • Rags
  • Mallet


Step 1: First, you need to use the jack and jack stands to raise the car. You need to work on the wheels so it's better if the car is mounted on the jack. Use the wrench to remove the lug nuts that hold the wheel in place. Put the lug nuts in a clean area to prevent them from getting lost. Take out the wheel.

Step 2: The brake dust shield is installed at the back of the wheel so you need to lay the wheel face down. Before working, place a clean rag on the floor to prevent damaging the wheel.

Step 3: Get the new brake dust shield and find the red arrow print on it. This will be your reference on how you're going to install the shields. The arrow should point to the wheel's direction when it's rolling.

Step 4: It's time to attach the dust shield. Always check for the red arrow. In placing the shield, you must make sure the flat surface lies perfectly on the surface of the hub. The lug holes on the wheel must align with the holes on the dust shield. You may use a rubber mallet in pushing the brake dust shield to fit the hub. Do not use too much force for you might break the dust shield.

Step 5: Put the wheel back. Tighten the lug nuts. Try spinning the wheel to check if there are rubbing or clanking noises. Repeat the same procedure in installing the brake dust shield to the other wheels of your car.

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