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Brake Line Lock Solenoid

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Brake Line Lock Solenoid Products

The brake line lock solenoid may be a very small component, but it plays a very big role for your vehicle. You see, this particular auto part basically locks up the front brakes so you can warm up your car's tires without any difficulty. It leads to a valve, which controls the amount of fluid that passes through the front brakes. Every time the solenoid is activated, the valve closes to trap fluid, and this prevents it from getting into the front brakes. This in turn, stops the vehicle from moving forward while you are idling. It also serves as a hill brake when you are parked on a steep road. If this component breaks, you will surely have poorer security when you're out on the road. And if overlooked, you'll surely get a lot of headaches in the future. To be able to bring back the original performance of your ride, make sure you address the problem immediately. The best thing you can do is get a heavy-duty replacement brake line lock solenoid that can replace your old and faulty one. If you're planning on doing the repairs yourself, make sure you get proper components that will effortlessly match your ride. Also, make sure you have the right set of tools needed to accomplish the task easily.To get the most durable brake line lock solenoid for your vehicle repairs, don't go anywhere else and shop only here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our site is one of the most trusted sources of high-quality auto parts and accessories in the market, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about if you choose to shop here. Get what you need from our comprehensive catalog that contains products from the biggest names in the biz. If you can't locate what you're looking for, don't hesitate and call us right away. We have a good team of auto parts experts who are always on standby and ready to help 24/7. We also provide a very convenient order tracking service, which gives you updates regarding the status of your purchase. To top it all off, we also ensure that you get more value for your money with the help of our low price guarantee. With the help of this feature, you can be sure that you are getting the part you want for the best price. So, what are you waiting for? Start surfing through our list of products to get hold of the most fitting brake line lock solenoid for your ride.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Brake Line Locking: Giving You More Power to Brake

The brake line lock was a product of the intense sport of drag racing. It allowed the forward brakes of a car to engage and lock independently of the rear brakes via a switch. When you talk about the brake line solenoid, you're referring to the entire unit itself-it's essentially an electric solenoid placed on the front brake line. If you have the need for one, this guide will help you pick one out.

Front or Rear

Because the system works naturally with the front brakes of your car, the first thing you have to consider is whether or not you car has front brakes, because most cars have rear brakes. While some brake line lock solenoids can be attached to the rear brakes, you will still need to have front brakes installed.

If you're an exclusively rear-brake car only, sad to say, you probably wouldn't want to make this purchase as all you will succeed in doing is getting your brakes locked to no appreciable effect! If you have brakes for both front and rear installed, then you're pretty much good to go!

Wiring Considerations

The great thing about the solenoid itself is that it is universal fit. No need to find one that's exactly for your vehicle. What you do need to worry about is wiring. When you purchase one, make sure that it comes with two long wires attached to the top of the unit. These have to reach all the way back and up into the engine.

Some solenoids are, funnily enough, not sold with them and people assume that it can run by itself-this is never the case. Solenoids always require an external power source to drive it to action. If you come across those that claim to be self-powered, you have to be a little wary!

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Brake System Maintenance: Installing a Brake Line Lock Solenoids

Solenoids convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, which creates a magnetic field to start linear motion. Brake line lock solenoids on the other hand, help the vehicle start better by allowing the rear wheels to spin, while the front brakes are applied. These solenoids are included in a line lock kit and they are commonly known as launch control kits. We listed the steps, tools, and reminders that you need to help you install a brake line lock solenoid.

Difficulty Level:


Tools that You'll Need:

  • Ratchet
  • Brake Fluid
  • Ground lugs
  • Brake bleeder kit
  • Two 5/16" washers
  • 5/16" and 1/4" drill bits
  • Hand-held electrical drill
  • A 12" long, 3/16" thick brake line
  • Brand new brake line lock solenoids
  • Open-ended wrenches (sizes: 10, 12, 13, 14 millimeters, ?, 3/8", 7/16 inches, and a 10mm socket)


  • Disconnect the battery's negative cable before working on this project. Exercise caution when working on your vehicle's electrical parts.
  • Make sure that you're working on a solid, level surface. Use car jack stands to support the car while working on it.
  • Be careful not to spill any brake fluid on your vehicle's painted surface. Brake fluid can destroy your vehicle's paint job.
  • Refer to the vehicle owner's manual to determine the type of brake system it has. It's important to know where the solenoid should be positioned in your vehicle's braking system.

Step 1: Locate your vehicle's ABS and position the brake line lock solenoid beside it. Mount the solenoid and use two rear mount bolts to secure the solenoid beside the ABS module bracket.

Step 2: Install a 5/16" drill bit on your hand-held drill. Drill a 5/16" hole on the solenoid's mount to fit it over the ABS module bracket's stud.

Step 3: Allow some space on the bracket's contour by installing two 5/16" washers. Once the washers are installed, it will fit snugly on the bracket's contour.

Step 4: Remove the bracket from the vehicle and change your drill's bit to 1/4". Drill a 1/4" hole on the bracket to accommodate a lower mounting bolt.

Step 5: Position the solenoid's mounting bracket near the ABS module bracket. Use a ratchet to secure the mounting bolts on the bracket. Carefully mount the solenoid on the bracket. Connect the ground lug on the solenoid's ground wire. Make sure that the ground lug is under the 1/" solenoid mounting bolt.

Step 6: Use the two 12" long and 3/16" thick brake lines to connect the MC1 tubing union to the MC1 port on the ABS module. Connect the two 1/8" pipe plugs, 3/16" inverted flare, and 1/8" male pipe thread 90-degree angle fittings to the solenoid's ports. Make sure that all the lines are secured firmly to the solenoid.

Step 7: Use a brake bleeder kit to bleed your brakes before testing your installation.

Installing a brake line lock solenoid will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes for an expert DIYer and around 2 hours for a beginner. Exercise caution when working on your vehicle's brake system. Stay safe!

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