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Brake Pad Spreader

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When dealing with brake pads, a brake pad spreader is the best tool to use. Specifically designed for brake pad replacement, this tool makes your life easy when installing a new brake pad. Lightweight and simple to handle, this brake pad tool comes very handy when you're compressing the disc brake piston so that you can quickly slip the brake pad in place. In an instant, your brake pad is all set and good to go! Now you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your brake system is in perfect condition, ready for driving action. So if you don't have a brake pad spreader in your toolbox yet, get one right away! You can avail of it here at Auto Parts Warehouse where we offer all sorts of tools that you need in your DIY car repair projects! With our huge discounts, you can definitely purchase your item at its lowest price! And if you purchase more than $50 worth of items, shipping is on us! there's no other store that can give you amazing deals but us! To place your order, just go to our user-friendly catalog and select your most needed item! Let your hands do the shopping and click the buy button now!

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Brake Pad Spreader: A Must-Have in Every Auto Repair DIYer's Tool Kit

For auto repair and maintenance DIYers, a brake pad spreader is a must-have in their tool kits. This device can make replacing brake pads as easy as changing clothes. Its primary function is to compress the inner brake pad for easier pad replacement. It is also used in spreading the calipers should you need to replace the calipers of your car. There is, however, a wide selection of brake pad spreaders that you can find over the Internet. We suggest that you take our advice before buying one.

Three useful tips in buying a brake pad spreader

  1. Check the material. When looking for a high-quality and durable brake pad spreader, make sure that it is made from drop-forged, heat-treated steel. It should have a black finish, steel screw and pivot foot and should weigh at least 0.65 lbs. The handle should be made from high-impact PVC to ensure firm grip and maximum leverage.
  2. Look for the 4-in-1 type. If you are looking for an efficient, high-quality brake pad spreader, then we advise the one that can be used both for fixed calipers (twin or quad) and floating calipers (single and twin). More than its efficiency, it ensures protection to your vehicle's pistons, hubs, and calipers during repair. It also gives easy left and right side use, and it can generate over 1600 ft. lbs. of force that can withstand even the toughest caliper pistons. Finally, its single lever mechanism to apply and release force makes it easier and faster for you to get the job done.
  3. Consider your needs and budget. A brake pad spreader is typically sold individually. Choose the universal fit over the direct fit, so you can work on other cars. A standard spreader from online auto parts stores can cost you around $20, while the 4-in-1 type sells at around $100. If you think you can use the 4-in-1 type all too well, then we suggest that you invest in this tool.

Thoughts to ponder

If repairing your vehicle's brake pads has been a hassle to you, then we highly recommend that it is time for you to buy a brake pad spreader to ease your DIY brake pad or caliper repairs. This tool will be an asset in your auto repair tool kit or a handy gadget in your car's trunk.

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