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When you hit the brakes, it's important that your front brakes lock up faster than your gears for a better and quick response. But due to excessive use, both front brakes and gears lock up at the same time, affecting the efficiency of your brakes. To enhance the quality of your brake system, it's best that you equip your vehicle with a brake proportioning valve. This component is specifically designed to distribute the right amount of pressure to allow more leverage to your front brakes while reducing the fluid pressure in your rears to a minimum. And with its anti-skid feature, this brake proportioning valve improves the pulse action that triggers your front brakes to lock up before your gear does. This way, your brakes can work at its maximum performance leading to a pleasant and safe driving experience. You can surely get a high-quality brake proportioning valve here at Auto Parts Warehouse where we provide a wide selection of auto parts and accessories from top aftermarket manufacturers. Plus, we cut up to 70 percent off the regular price of your item! that's a lot of savings for you! And if your tab goes over $50, shipping is absolutely free! You can definitely get your money's worth here! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy yours today!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Brake Proportioning Valve: What People Always Ask

Do your car's wheels lock up every time you brake hard? If they do, then your car probably has a damaged brake proportioning valve. Though oftentimes overlooked, the proportioning valve is an important part of your car's braking system. Without it, your rear brakes will lock in times of panic braking because the pressure in the brake system won't be reduced.

If it's your first time to replace this part, you probably have questions about which valve you should buy. Here are some FAQs that will help you in your search for the best brake proportioning valve.

What are the types of brake proportioning valves?

There are three types of proportioning valves sold nowadays. But before buying one, it's important for you to know the different types of valves, so you won't regret your purchase. Listed below are the three basic proportioning valve types.

  • Load sensing: This type of proportioning valve is installed on your vehicle's rear frame. In order for it to be connected to the suspension, a lever is used.
  • Master cylinder mounted: Another type of proportioning valve is the master cylinder mounted. It is screwed on the fluid ports that are located between your car's brake lines and master cylinder.
  • Combination valve mounted: The last proportioning valve type is the combination valve. It is attached below the master cylinder, and it is a part of the metering valves, differential switch, and combination valves.

Note: These three types of brake proportioning valves have the same purpose-to avoid rear brake lock-up. Their only difference is the place where they are mounted on.

Which brand to buy?

Since the automobile industry boom, many people have been venturing in the car parts manufacturing business. That's why, if you'll browse a car parts catalog, you'll see dozens of car part brands. To help you with your search, here are two tips on how you'll recognize the best brand.

  • Read brand reviews: These reviews judge brands and their products based on quality and affordability, so they will give you ideas on the perfect brand.
  • Check the offered warranty: If you want to save money in the long run, you should buy from a brand that offers the longest warranty. It's because brand warranty guarantees that the product is free from material and workmanship defects.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Brake Proportioning Valve: Quick and Easy Installation

Don't you just hate hitting your car's steering wheel because your car's brakes acted up? This kind of situation happens when the rear wheels lose their "grip" because of the sudden weight shift towards the vehicle's front part in times of hard braking. To avoid this brake load imbalance, cars are equipped with brake proportioning valves that lessen the pressure in the rear brakes and prevent wheel lock. However, these valves eventually break due to every day use. This guide will teach you how you can install a new one without going to a mechanic.

Difficulty: Moderate

Tools Needed:

  • Brake fluid
  • Torque wrench
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Lug wrench
  • Wrench set
  • Line wrench set
  • Drain pan


  • Wear protective gloves and glasses because brake fluid can cause skin irritation.
  • Ask a friend to help you drain and set your car's brake fluid.


  1. Park on level ground. Then, with your lug wrench, loosen the rear wheels' lug nuts.
  2. Lift the rear of your car with the floor jack. Don't forget to secure it with the jack stands. Once it's fully supported, remove the lug nuts and rear wheels.
  3. Locate the lines going to and from the faulty brake proportioning valve. Then, disconnect the lines using the line wrench set. To remove the machined edges, use the normal wrench set to avoid damaging the brake lines. After disconnecting the lines, remove the old proportioning valve.
  4. Use your wrench set to hold the new proportioning valve in place. Then, connect the lines you disconnected to it. Once the lines are properly connected, tighten the valve fittings.
  5. Open your vehicle's hood, and locate the master cylinder reservoir. Afterwards, open it, and fill it with brake fluid. Ask your friend to start the engine and pump the brakes until firm.
  6. Get your drain pan, and place it below the rear passenger caliper. Using your wrench, remove the bleeder screw. Loosen the bleeder valve carefully until air and fluid are drained from the cylinder. Don't forget to tell your friend to hold the pedal until the bleeder screw is tight enough.
  7. Repeat the previous step to drain the brake fluid from the driver's side rear caliper.
  8. After draining the brake fluid, put the wheels back. Then, tighten the lug nuts using your hand.
  9. Remove the jack stands to lower your vehicle to the ground. Once it's safely lowered, use your torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts.
  10. Fill the master cylinder reservoir with brake fluid again and close it. Afterwards, close the hood. Test drive your vehicle for a few miles to make sure that the new proportioning valve is working properly.

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