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Brake Shoe Anchor Pin

We have 2 Items for Brake Shoe Anchor Pin In-stock.

Disc brakes and drum brakes are remarkably tough systems that are able to handle a huge amount of weight, vibrations, and heat. They are equipped with heavy-duty components that enable them to do their job without buckling down. The drum brakes are supported by a backing plate, the component that serves as the backbone of the system. The brake shoes are connected to this plate through the brake shoe anchor pin. The anchor pin is exactly that-an anchor. It is attached to the backing plate, and one end of the brake shoe is connected to it. In a way, the pin holds each shoe in place and secures it to the main brake frame. The attachment has to be solid to ensure that the shoe will remain in its proper location even as it works hard, getting in contact with the drum and spinning with it until the right amount of friction is produced during the braking process. The brake shoe anchor pin has to be tough at all times. It must be able to handle not only the strong spinning forces of the wheels but also the extreme amount of heat produced during braking. Otherwise, any damage or sign of failure on the pin could compromise the operation of the brake shoes and the braking system. This is one problem that you can't afford to face, so be sure to keep the pin functioning well.

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