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Of all the things that can go possibly wrong in your vehicle, a worn-out brake shoe spring is definitely at the top of the worst-car-problems list. When your brake shoe spring is completely damaged, you can experience difficulty in brake release that in turn, can affect your vehicle's ability to stop. So before you get involved in a car accident, better get a brake shoe spring kit immediately. There are plenty of brake shoe spring kits that you can get from your local car auto store and aftermarket manufacturers. Just make sure that you get a spring kit that's tough and durable enough to keep your brake friction block from cracking or breaking. With this new spring kit, you can expect an excellent and safe ride to your destination. You can avail of a high-quality brake shoe spring kit here at Auto Parts Warehouse where we offer the top-caliber auto parts and accessories that perfectly match your vehicle's needs. With our large discounts, you can buy your most precious item at its lowest price! And if your purchase exceeds $50, shipping is absolutely free! To order, just go to our user-friendly catalog and then select your most needed item. After a few clicks, it's yours! So what are you waiting for? Move the cursor and click the buy button now!

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Brake Shoe Spring Replacement; A Practical Guide

A car's brake springs are very important in providing a good brake release for the vehicle. These springs, which are located at the drum brakes on the rear wheels, pull the brake shoes away from the wheel hub when the brake pedal is released. A problematic brake spring will be unable to pull the brake shoes away, thus preventing the car from resuming motion. It is a good measure to replace your brake springs together with your brake shoes so that your vehicle's braking system will be able to provide you driving safety.

Replacing your brake shoe spring is just a straightforward process. Make sure that all the following tools are ready and you follow the steps in order to ensure a successful replacement task.

Difficulty level: Moderate


  • New brake shoe spring kit
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Tire iron
  • Pliers
  • Rubber mallet
  • Brake drum puller

Step 1: Put the rear of your vehicle onto jack stands. Use the tire iron to remove the tire you are working on.

Step 2: Remove the brake drum from the wheel hub using the brake drum puller. This will expose the brake shoes and the brake springs.

Step 3: Locate the bolt between the two brake shoes. With the pliers, pull the spring toward the bolt to loosen its grip on the bolt. Pull the spring from the bolt, and repeat the process with the second spring.

Step 4: Free the other end of each spring from the hook on the back side of the brake shoes. Place the new springs onto the hooks.

Step 5: Use your pliers to grasp each spring and pull it toward the bolt between the brake shoes. Hook the end of the spring over the bolt.

Step 6: Replace the brake drum onto the brake hub. Use a rubber mallet to push the drum onto the hub.

Step 7: Replace the lug nuts on the tire. Repeat the spring replacement process on the other rear wheel.

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