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Breaker Bar

We have 13,921 Items for Breaker Bar In-stock.

Having problems in removing nuts, bolts, or fasteners? Then get yourself a breaker bar, a nifty tool that's designed to loosen stubborn fasteners for easier removal. Compared to a standard socket wrench, this non-ratcheting bar features a longer metal handle to provide more torque without the need for additional force. Using one helps prevent serious damage to your socket wrench's ratcheting mechanism. In most cases, after a half-turn using this bar, the fastener becomes loose enough to be easily removed by a socket wrench. If you're dealing with hard-to remove fasteners, use a breaker bar first so as to make your socket wrench last a long time. This bar is also very useful when removing tire bolts, components that are notoriously known for their super tight grip since these are attached using an impact wrench. Always having one inside the car trunk is a wise move since it can make removing and installing tires more manageable. Unlike a cheater bar or an improvised bar, this tool is precisely built to handle additional torque without causing damage to the part being fixed or possible injuries to the driver. However, caution should still be observed when using this bar.

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