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Prone to bumper dings and scratches? While having your bumper fixed every now and again is always going to be an option, it's a costly one in the long run. To avoid frequently repairing your bumper for minor dents, we recommend getting a durable Bumper End. Bumper ends are designed to further strengthen your bumper assembly. They install on all four sides of your ride. What they do is they cover the most common impact sites on your car to give your bumper assembly added protection. Bumper ends are built using high-quality and hardwearing materials like stamped steel, aluminum, and impact-resistant plastic. Their sturdy construction enables them to withstand damage caused by light impact and collision. Some bumper ends are even specially-treated to prevent rusting and corrosion. That way, no matter how bad your driving conditions get, you won't have to worry about rust eating away at your bumper's metal panels. Another advantage of having a good set of bumper ends is that they can help bring back the factory height and looks of your bumper, specifically after a particularly hard hit. By fortifying your bumper assembly, these components can help restore your ride's original appearance. Available in various colors and finishes, finding an OE-style Bumper End shouldn't be a problem. To locate bumper ends that are compatible with your vehicle, we recommend checking out the bumper accessories we have here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Get the best deals on bumper components when you buy them from our website today!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

How to Choose the Right Bumper End for Your Vehicle

A bumper end may be nothing but a simple bumper addition. At first glance, you may think of it as a small panel that completes the look of your car front or rear. In many cases, it is like that, but it actually does more. Other than giving your vehicle a finished and sleek look, this component also offers your vehicle a certain degree of protection against small amounts of impact. When looking for the right bumper ends for your vehicle, you may have to consider these factors. So, how do you find the right bumper end? You have different choices.

Material: Plastic or Steel?

This has always been an ongoing debate among those who want to upgrade the looks of their vehicle using a bumper end. Both can actually give you similar effects appearance-wise, but the difference lies in the durability and weight.

Stainless bumper ends are more durable. They can withstand impacts better than plastic ends can, but they are also heavier and will definitely add a certain amount of weight to your vehicle. That said, they also require a more stable mounting compared to plastic ends.

Our suggestion would be that you base your choice on your daily activities. If you see a lot of off-road drives in your car, you may want to get the steel bumper ends to prevent premature wear. But, if you see mostly city streets in your daily driving activities, then the plastic ones will suffice.

Looks: Painted or Raw?

Different bumper ends come in different finishes for different effects, ranging from raw to painted. Raw and primered bumper ends are ideal for those who want to do the painting themselves, those who are into serious car customization and want to get just the right blend of color for their vehicle's front or rear. Meanwhile, some bumper ends are already painted. The most popular colors are black and chrome-the black finish is designed to match any vehicle paint color while the chrome is crafted to match the chrome bars that you might have in your vehicle.

Other than these, you'll also find bumper ends that are textured for an improved look in your vehicle. Some are polished with a natural color. If you can't find the right mix of color or finish, then you'll be glad to know that even majority of the non-raw bumper ends are paintable; you always have a lot of options when it comes to vehicle appeal.

With all these choices available, getting added protection and improved appeal in your vehicle should be easy.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Installing a New Bumper End Cap

Want some added bumper protection against impacts? Low-end collisions are common vehicle mishaps. And while they may not be generally dangerous and life threatening, they can cause considerable damage to your vehicle-they will not only render your car front or rear unsightly but will also reduce the overall value of your vehicle. That said, it is always beneficial to have added protection in your ride. The addition of new bumper ends or end caps to your front or rear bumper can help you achieve that purpose. These are easy-to-install add-ons that can give your car instant benefits. Here, we provide an easy guide to mounting bumper ends or end caps.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tools You'll Need:

  • Mounting bolt
  • Wrench


Step 1: Slide the end or end cap over the end of your vehicle bumper. Depending on the vehicle and the end or end cap that you get, it may have a retaining tab that will lock in place.

Step 2: Check to ensure that the end or end cap mounting hole aligns with the hole in the fender's underside. Then, install the mounting bolt through the two holes.

Step 3: You may see another mounting hole on the bottom of the bumper end cap. You'll need to mount another bolt in here.

Step 4: Torque the mounting bolt properly using the wrench. Be sure you apply the correct torque for proper mounting (11 foot-pounds of torque).

The mentioned process may vary depending on the kind of vehicle. But, generally, the process is easy and requires only a direct bolt-on procedure. You can also find mounting kits that already come complete with all the hardware needed for installation. Some drivers advise drilling to ensure added security and stability. You may opt to do this if you enjoy the experience and you have the skills.

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