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Bumper repair can cost you hundreds of dollars. This is an unnecessary expense, which can be avoided when you use a bumper reflector on the front or rear end of your vehicle. The reflector will warn other vehicles that you're passing by and they have to keep a certain distance. The bright warning light will then reduce the risk of collisions, especially when parking in the dark or driving at night. If you don't want to be another victim of a hit and run, better replace any broken bumper reflector or add one as a safety measure. Whether you're driving a sedan, an SUV, a van, or any other type of vehicle, there are direct fit bumper reflectors that will best match your car's specs. Look for high-quality reflectors with high resistance to vibration and corrosion and can easily fit most front and rear bumpers without the messy wiring. Usually, drilling and cutting are also not required. If you're looking for bumper reflectors with all these neat features, then you've come to the right stop at Auto Parts Warehouse. You are sure to find OE replacements with warranties at our site. Shop with us today, and you're sure to get the lowest prices and the most convenient shopping experience.

Buying Guides

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Choosing the Right Bumper Reflector

Along with license plate lights, headlight and taillight requirements, having a bumper reflector is something that is required by law in all states. In 2001, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration required all new passenger cars to have bumper reflectors. In 2007, these safety features became a requirement for light trucks and vans as well. Motor vehicle inspectors now require that a car must have at least two red reflectors on its rear bumper. Additionally, the Traffic Safety Administration mandated that these reflectors must be visible for 350 feet when illuminated by head lamps. If you are on the hunt for a quality bumper reflector, we have put together a quick guide to help you choose the right one for your car.

Why should you buy a bumper reflector?

Besides being required by the law, bumper reflectors also serve to keep you safe while you are driving, as well as when your car is parked. Bumper-mounted reflectors have been found to reduce rear-end collisions significantly. When you park your car on a dark road, or stop on the road shoulder at night, you are prone to unintentional collisions. A bumper reflector lowers this risk.

Some features to look for when buying a new bumper reflector are:

  • Resistance to corrosion or vibration
  • Easy installation
  • Mounts on flat or curved surfaces
  • Candlepower per square foot (this will tell you the amount of light it can reflect)
  • Attractive finish

As the bumper reflector is constantly exposed to harsh elements like weather and road debris, it must be durable and must be resistant to crusting. If it's of the adhesive type, it must not lose adhesion too soon, especially if the bumper reflector is frequently exposed to water or rain. Most reflectors are colored red, and have prismatic designs that blend in nicely with most taillights that are similarly colored red.

Housed or self-adhesive?

Depending on your car's make and model, the bumper reflectors are either housed in the bumper or simply mounted using adhesive. Installation for adhesive reflectors is simple enough, and takes about 1-2 minutes to do. For housed reflectors, the process is not that simple-it will require removing the bumper and reaching for screws behind it-but is not very hard to go through. Make sure you buy the right type and size for your car, especially since the reflector should fit inside the housing inside the bumper.

A good bumper reflector can last up to 7 years with constant care. Even if it prevents only a small percentage of rear-end collisions, it is a cost-effective feature that promotes safety.

Repair Guides

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How to Install Your New Bumper Reflector

For the enthusiastic DIYer, most bumper reflectors are easy enough to install. Self-adhesive reflectors can be installed in as little as two minutes. Some, however, require you to remove screws or even housings during installation. You might have a car model that has reflectors housed inside the bumper, with screws that can only be reached inside. Here are step-by-step instructions that apply to a Nissan 350Z and for models with a similar reflector setup.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools you'll need:

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • 10- mm socket wrench
  • Flat-head screwdriver

Step 1: Locate the bumper reflectors just below the headlights. Its screws are located inside the front bumper, so you'll need to take that off first. To do this, pop the hood, and use a flat head screwdriver to detach the six clips at the top of the bumper.

Step 2: Using a 10-mm socket wrench, unscrew the screws underneath the front of the car. There are a total of eight screws-five of them are along the front edge, while the other three are located not that far from the first five.

Step 3: There are two screws on both sides of the car, one on each side where the bumper and fender meet. Remove these using a 10-mm socket wrench.

Step 4: You should now be able to take the bumper off. Do this, and if it doesn't budge, check if you have missed removing any of the clips and screws.

Step 5: You now have access to the screws that secure the old front reflector. Remove the two screws, and replace the old reflector with the new one.

Step 6: Replace the bumper, and make sure to replace all screws and clips you removed or detached when you pulled the bumper out. Close the hood, and you're all set.

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