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Bumper Trim Products

Looking for new ways to add style to your ride? If you want to enhance your car's appearance but don't want an extreme auto makeover, consider getting a new Bumper Trim. While bumper trims aren't as flashy as a new set of rims, they do draw attention to your vehicle's front and rear ends. By lining the upper or lower section of a bumper, these trims give a customized look to your bumper assembly. Common materials used in making these trims include steel, stainless steel, and automotive-grade plastic. What's great about steel bumper trims is that they're extremely resilient to impact damage, meaning they can withstand the rigors of everyday driving. Stainless steel and plastic trims are just as hardwearing as their steel counterparts but they also bring something extra to the table. Both types of bumper trims are resistant to corrosion. That comes in extra-handy during the wet season. And as for design, well, some bumper trims may come with light holes, license plate mounts, and/or hitch openings. The important thing is to pick a Bumper Trim that can accommodate any of your bumper-mounted components. Now, the aesthetic effect given by bumper trims will differ depending on their finish. Most bumper trims are either black-painted or chrome-finished. For a sportier look, black-painted bumper trims are always a good choice. But if you want to give your bumper assembly a sleeker appearance, then go for chrome. To get a more concrete idea of the different types of bumper trims sold on the market, visit the Auto Parts Warehouse catalog today.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

What To Look For in a Bumper Trim

Do you want to jazz up your ride without going for an expensive overhaul? Then accessorize it with a brand-new bumper trim. This component can easily add more color to your car's exterior, providing a more customized look after a few hours. If you want to get a good deal for your money, go for a bumper trim that:

Won't clash with your car's exterior

Trims come in all sorts of colors and designs, so choosing one that'll fit your ride just right shouldn't be a problem. For a more streamlined look, go for a trim that will complement the color of your car. A black, gray, or chrome trim is a good choice if you want a classic yet stylish accessory.

Is durable

Plastic is a common trim material because it's sturdy, lightweight, and can be easily molded into different shapes. When shopping for a bumper trim, select one that's made from automotive-grade plastic. Also make sure that it's manufactured by a reliable label. Keep in mind that a cheaply built trim will just cost you more due to frequent repairs and replacements.

Is easy to install and maintain

If you want to save money when installing a new bumper trim, go for one that comes with a 3M adhesive tape. This component is easy to install because you don't need to cut or drill anything. Just remove the backing from the tape and stick the trim in place. You'll also be able to save a lot of money on maintenance if you choose a trim that can be easily cleaned and repaired. With all the other expenses you have to think about, it's not wise to frequently replace the bumper trim.

Is budget-friendly

The best car bumper trim doesn't have to be expensive. After all, this is just an accessory. Fortunately, the market today offers plenty of brands that sell affordable yet high-quality trims and other car accessories.

Includes nifty features

A bumper trim that comes with a primered coating is perfect if you want to customize your car's exterior by painting it with a different color. Other features worth looking into include mounting provisions for the license plate and holes for the headlight washer and parking sensors.

Once you've found the right bumper trim for your ride, check with the retailer if it comes in a discounted price. With so many companies offering hard-to-resist deals for price-savvy buyers, it's not that hard to find an offer that's perfect for your budget.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

A Quick Fix for a Busted Bumper Trim

Is your car's bumper trim starting to crack or sag? Then replace it immediately to keep your ride looking new. Now you don't have to bring your vehicle to a shop since we have an easy-to-follow guide on how to replace that busted bumper trim.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools needed:

  1. Car soap
  2. Rags
  3. Degreaser
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Paper towels
  6. Adhesive remover

Step 1: Wash the bumper trim with car soap and water to remove debris that can make removing the trim difficult. For stubborn dirt, wipe it off with a rag soaked in car soap. Let the trim dry and apply some degreaser.

Step 2: Locate clips that attach the trim onto the bumper. If your vehicle doesn't use clips, search for screws and remove them by using a screwdriver.

Step 3: Pry off the trim carefully with the use of a flathead screwdriver. Make sure to not scratch the bumper. If the trim breaks, let it fall off. If the trim is loose enough, you can remove it using your hands.

Step 4: Apply some adhesive remover into the area to get rid of residue and grime. Use paper towels to wipe off moisture. Let the area dry off.

Step 5: Test fit the new trim in place to see if it's the right replacement.

Step 6: If the replacement trim uses adhesives, peel off the backing and pat it back in place. If it uses clips, attach the clips and secure them in place.


If, for some reason, the installation clips are defective, you can temporarily attach the trim using heavy-duty stationary clips. Once you're able to find new clips, install them as soon as possible. To prevent scratching the bumper when prying the trim off, you can actually use a plastic putty knife instead of a screwdriver. For faster drying after washing the trim area, blow dry it using a hair blower.

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