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Does your cab corner start to corrode? Rust on your cab corner spreads fast like an infectious disease, starting from the door to the back of the cab and other parts of your truck. So to prevent your truck from deteriorating, you must remove the rusty part immediately and install a new one right away. You don't need to be a professional to install this cab corner to your truck. All you need are the right tools and attitude to do the job. First, you have to check the right measurement of your new cab corner to get the perfect fit. Then weld it in place starting at the small holes at the corners then fill in the gaps left to completely attach it. Then spray primer thrice all over the area. Then for the finishing touch, paint it to customize its unique, distinctive look. And that's it! You're ready to flaunt your new cab corner on the streets. So if you want to buy a new cab corner for your truck, you'd better get it at Auto Parts Warehouse where we offer top-caliber cab corners that best suit your vehicle! When you purchase your item here, you can get up to 70% off its price, and if it's worth more than $50, we'll deliver it to your garage free of charge! So start clicking and buy your item today!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Get the Right Truck Cab Corner

Because of its tendency to get rusty and dirty, there are plenty of replacement cab corners in the market. Replace your stock corners at the earliest sign of decay before it gets too ugly. Buying one should be pretty straightforward once you identify what the make and model of your truck is. Still, there are a couple of things you should still want to look at when getting new cab corners.

Corner finish

Cab corners are usually sold in either a metal or stainless steel finish. Direct fit through welding, both are easy and simple to install. If done properly, they will definitely look nice and neat on your truck. Here is a brief description of the two styles.

  1. Metal: This is the most basic and common aftermarket cab corner. The great thing about a metal corner is that it's customizable. The stock black finish prepares the part for a coating of primer. Paint over it afterward so that it matches the color of your cab to make it appear like an original part. If you want, paint it in another color for a customized look.
  2. Stainless steel: This type of cab corner is less tedious to install compared to metal because it already looks good by itself. Weld it on, polish it after, and you're done. Some stainless steel ones even carry the truck's make name and logo to remind people where you got your awesome ride.

Corner side

Usually, each piece is sold individually to be fitted to a specific corner. Read the label and product description of the cab corner you are looking at to make sure you are buying for the right part. As a safety precaution, buy them in pairs. Not only will this save you time in waiting for the correct part to come if you happen to order one for the wrong side, but it will make your cab corners look uniform and clean.

Corner warranty

Go for cab corners that have a long warranty period with them ? aim for 5 years. A long warranty is a sign of the manufacturer's confidence on the product. You will never predict when these will become rusty and will need replacement. This will make it easier for you to get a new one if they fail sooner than you expect.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Cut, Weld, Sand, and Spray: Replacing Cab Corners

Cab corners attract damaging water, debris, and other dirt. As these build up on your truck, the corners will get a very rusty and ugly finish ? a sight reserved only for cars in a junkyard. Spare you and your truck the horrified and disgusted looks of people by replacing these bad corners as soon as possible. Cut, weld, sand, and spray to transform your miserable truck into a sexy beast.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Tools needed:

  • Replacement cab corner
  • Marker pen
  • Metal snips
  • Body hammer
  • Angle grinder with flapper wheel
  • Drill with drill bit
  • MIG welder
  • Body filler
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint primer

Step 1: Go to the part of your truck that needs a repair. Grab the new cab cover and place it over the damaged area. With a marker pen, trace the outline of the replacement on the body. Hopefully, you have a part big enough to replace all the rusty areas of the corner.

Step 2: Cut the outline with the metal snips. Be careful to not cut the inner metal panel under the cab corner. Replacement of this part, if damaged, can make things very complicated.

Step 3: Use the body hammer to clean the edges of the cut parts. Do a finer clean and trim of the edges with an angle grinder with a flapper wheel of an appropriate grade. Remember to line the replacement cab corner on the cut area to test the fit. Aim for a tight and snug fit.

Step 4: With the corner cut and clean, weld the replacement cab corner in place. The weld can be done in two ways: tack welds or spot welds. Remember to have control at the welding trigger at all times. Too much heat on the metal can warp the metals, making them unusable.

  • Tack weld: Put a weld every half inch along the edges of the cab corner.
  • Spot weld: Prepare the replacement cab corner first by drilling holes on the edges. Then, line the drilled replacement cab corner in place and continue with the weld.

Step 5: With the cab corner secure, it's time to fill the gaps. Prepare body filler and apply layers on the edges. Wait for it to dry before sanding the surface for a clean and smooth finish.

Step 6: Spray a layer of paint primer to prepare the cab corner for painting.


  1. Working with welders and grinders can be very dangerous. Make sure you have the appropriate safety equipment to prevent accidents.
  2. You can choose to paint the corner yourself, or bring it to a shop to get the precise color to match your truck's body color.

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