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Having problems with your camshaft? If you check your system and find out that your cam follower is not working properly, you'd better replace it right away. Otherwise, your camshaft's rotation might go erratic, leading to a serious engine problem. And when your engine stops to work, it means big hassle to you. So before engine problems happen, go and get a follower that best suits your camshaft. If you're looking for a cam follower that doesn't easily wear out, choose the one with a broader head. But if you're looking for a follower that precisely follows the rotational motion of your cam, then get the one that has a pointed head feature. Just don't forget to maintain the downforce the follower needs in order to have a better smooth movement. With the support of this component, your camshaft works efficiently for maximum engine performance. Go ahead and get your cam follower replacement here at Auto Parts Warehouse where we provide the best aftermarket auto parts and accessories for your vehicle. With our huge discounts, you can purchase your item at a very affordable price! And if you need any assistance, just call our friendly customer service team that are ready to serve you 24/7. So shop now and grab our amazing deals!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Choosing the Right Cam Follower for Your Vehicle

Your ride's cam follower must be maintained well to ensure a smooth and even contact with the cam, or else, it won't be capable of controlling the opening and closing of the inlet and exhaust valves. The follower system needs a stabilizing force so it won't shake or jitter, which can cause premature wear on the cam follower itself or damage the device moved by the follower. If any of these happens and you need to replace your stock cam follower, there are different cam follower types to consider:

Types according to mounting applications

Check out your owner's manual or your stock cam follower to know the right replacement. You see, some followers work only for certain types of mounting, so it's important to purchase one that matches the specifications of your ride.

Stud-style followers. These followers are great for DIYers because they can be installed quickly and effortlessly. Stud-style followers, which can be purchased with outer crowned outer rings and with or without seals, are further classified into:

  • Heavy-stud cam followers
These cam followers are strong enough to withstand and endure impacts of a fall. They are also great for vehicles that frequently transport heavy loads. So if your ride is a workhorse, this type is for you.

  • Standard-stud cam followers
Featuring a threaded stud, these followers are ideal for vehicles that frequently carry medium loads and those that have misalignment issues.

Built-in stud cam followers. This type is convenient to install, but its capacity and strength is restricted by the amount of load the built-in stud is able to support.

Yoke-type cam follower. If your ride's loading conditions normally exceed the capacity of your existing cam follower, use a yoke-type unit. It provides support on each side of the follower and it accommodates a heavy-duty pin. This is ideal for drivers who want clevis mounting. You can purchase this type of follower with seals, without seals, or with crowned outer rings. Because of its hole in the middle, such follower is less convenient to install.

Types according to head designs

Cam followers also come in different head designs, which include:

Pointed head. This type of follower holds and replicates the cam's movement more accurately. However, it wears out more quickly compared to other cam follower types.

Broader head. While cam followers with broader heads don't wear down easily, precision is usually compromised.

Roller head. Some cam followers have heads with a roller, which allows them to function smoothly.

Types according to the cam's force and speed

Other cam follower classifications are based on the amount of force and speed applied by the cam.

Needle roller. Inside this cam follower are bearings and anti-friction elements, which allow it to work smoothly and carry heavy loads.

Caged roller. The needles in this type of follower are separated by a cage for better lubrication and operation in higher speed, but it cannot support heavy loads.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

3-Step Installation of a Cam Follower

Replacing the cam follower is probably one of the dream tasks of a DIYer. It requires technical understanding on how the engine works, and you definitely want to jump into that knowledge level. And to help you get the job done right the first time, we included a step-by-step instruction here:

Difficulty level: Difficult

Things you'll need:

  • Screwdrivers (flat, hexagonal, and star)
  • Abor press
  • Hammer
  • Rug and cleaning agent
  • Grease and/or lube
Safety Reminders:
  1. Turn your engine off and wait for it cool before starting your cam follower replacement project.
  2. Take the negative cable of your battery off its terminal to avoid any chance of electrocution.
  3. Refer to your automobile's manual for the best practices in accessing your engine.

Step 1: Clean the housing from burrs and sharp edges and ensure that the housing bore diameter is still tightly fitted with the housing bore.

Step 2: Mount the cam roller with the raceway radial lubrication hole into the raceway's unloaded portion. Ensure that the racial radial hole is in line with the stem radial hole, and apply pressure against the stud's solid end. NOTE: NO amount of pressure should be applied against the outer ring face. NO hammering on the stud face.

For stud-type cam followers:

Step 3: Secure your new cam follower with a nut and lock washer using the recommended clamping torque of your dealer. Avoid overtightening as this may cause undue stress on your newly installed part. Avoid stretching its diameter as this may cause early damage on it.

For yoke-type cam followers:

Step 3: Mount the cam follower with lubrication hole into the raceway's unloaded portion. Direct the pressure towards the endplate face center or below it. NOTE: DO NOT apply pressure on your outer ring face and/or hammer bearing faces.

Use the abor press at anytime during the installation.

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