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Wandering on a smooth highway and rapid or uneven tire wear are just some of the symptoms telling you that your ride’s wheels must be aligned. Otherwise, your driving safety will be compromised, which may lead to an accident. However, you can’t always rely on symptoms when diagnosing a car problem. Sometimes, you need just the right tool to know whether the wheels are aligned or not. Having your very own camber caster gauge will come in handy. This is a small measuring tool that shows if your vehicle’s wheels are aligned or need some adjustments. Although using this tool needs setting up, you won’t have to worry about learning how to use a camber caster gauge for the first time. You just need to park your car on a leveled surface. Then attach the tool to your car’s spindles on the front of the wheels. You can also attach the magnetic gauge to the brake rotor. Before using the tool, you should set up the bubble level to zero by pushing and pulling the strut on the tool. The good thing about the camber caster gauge is that you can leave this attached to your vehicle during car repairs. With this tool, you’ll get accurate measurements without bringing your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop.--end--Buy a new camber caster gauge, so you won’t have to shell out more dollars just for the wheel alignment checkup. At Auto Parts Warehouse, we don’t only sell car parts, accessories, and performance parts, but we also provide the most reliable repair kits and tools that will help you do work in the garage easily. With more than two million products in stock, you get loads of great choices. Don’t worry about the prices because our rates are amazingly low, thanks to our Price Match Guarantee. In case you found a better deal from a competing retailer, we can match or beat that price just to provide you the lowest possible rate. As for your account safety, our secure online transactions won’t let you get ripped off. You can pay using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, BillMeLater, or Google Checkout. Once you’re done with your purchase, expect us to ship your order on time. Even better, we can ship your order for free if your purchase totals to $50 or more. Check those wheels as often as you want after purchasing a camber caster gauge from Auto Parts Warehouse today!

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