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Camshaft Adjuster Magnet

We have 21 Items for Camshaft Adjuster Magnet In-stock.

Oil leak under your hood can be attributed to an array of issues such as worn out valve or engine cover and gasket. But if the leak is all over the cam and crank sensors and down the engine, there's a big chance that it is the camshaft adjuster magnet causing the problem. This is a timing gear comprising part, inserted into the gear's rear for the purpose of maintenance and sensor read off. Over time though, its magnet properties will start to wear until such time it will no longer be able to hold its own weight and falls out. When this happens, a replacement should be fixed in its place to restore the overall efficiency of your timing assembly. Installation of the new part is going to be a bit tricky due to this magnet's location. Being situated at the rear of your timing gear, changing the factory camshaft adjuster magnet will mean disassembling the timing system to affix the new one. This will already get your hands full, so make sure to find the direct replacement of your old magnet to spare yourself from facing compatibility issues during the installation proper. And for your safety, don't forget to get the negative cable of your battery off its terminal. This will avoid any chances of electrocution while you are deep in the chore.

All DIY tasks are made easier with installation guides, so use the one that is included in the pack of your new camshaft adjuster magnet. It is also beneficial to use your automobile's manual as reference and make every step of the task a lot easier. As for the replacement magnet, you don't have to search further as we have it in store for you along with our comprehensive catalog of auto parts and accessories. Auto Parts Warehouse is the online auto parts and service shop online that offers nothing but world-class original equipment supplier brands at very affordable prices. And ordering is very easy! Simply input your automobile's specifications and we will provide you with a shortlist of compatible products within seconds. From there, select the camshaft adjuster magnet brand you trust and post the order right on our virtual booking page. We will take care of its shipping, but we will need you to provide us accurate delivery address so we can get your order to your place, fast! Place the order now!