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A pristine-looking exterior is sometimes enough to make people admire your ride. However, keeping it that way is difficult because it's constantly exposed to outside elements. One area that's always exposed to weathering is your vehicle's front end. So if you're really determined to maintain its good looks, you can use a car bra on your vehicle. Dents and scratches in your vehicle's paint can ruin the overall aesthetics of your ride. These defects are often caused by flying rocks, bug splatter, and other road debris. So to protect the front end of your vehicle's finish, this component is what you'll need. Made from stretchable materials like vinyl, this accessory is mounted onto the front of the vehicle to protect its hood, bumper, and sides of the fender. It's made of a material that's non-abrasive to keep it from damaging your vehicle's paint job during installation. What's great about this accessory is that even if it's placed directly on top of the hood, it won't hamper your access to the engine since it can be easily removed. Aside from providing protection, this component can also be used as a styling accessory. Available in different colors, it can instantly add to your vehicle's sleek look. Lastly, installing this device is easy since it's designed to match most vehicle makes and models. You don't even have to drill holes anywhere in your vehicle to set it up. So maintain your ride's front end's look—get a car bra from Auto Parts Warehouse today.

Buying Guides

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How to Choose a Car Bra

The only people who say that looks don't matter probably aren't that good-looking to begin with. Looks count-plain and simple-and this applies to even your ride. The image of a vehicle is very important to every driver. And if you want to make sure that the front end of your auto is safe from dust and debris, then you should wrap it up in a new car bra. This excellent auto accessory will surely prove to be a perfect mix of flash and function, turning it into a worthwhile investment.

Car Bra Function

Excellent Front End Protection

As you drive, the nose of your vehicle is exposed to numerous natural elements-from dust, to rocks, to bug guts-which can ruin the look of your ride. However, with a durable car bra fitted on the nose of your auto, you'll be able to protect your vehicle from harmful particles and preserve its original finish.

A Style Upgrade

The word accessory doesn't usually equate to functionality, but it does when you're talking about a car bra. This awesome component won't cramp your style as it gives your vehicle a sportier look and feel. So if you're looking to boost the overall appearance of your auto, then you should do so with a stylish, new car bra.

Types of Car Bras

Full Car Bras

This car bra variety features a classic design, which covers the bumper and grille, providing complete front-end protection. When it comes to full car bras, we recommend that you buy a multiple-piece one that won't get in the way whenever you need to open your hood. The awesome thing about this car bra design is that it can accommodate features like pop-up lights and fog lights without the need for modification.

Sports Bras

If you're one of those drivers who has a flashy grille and bumper that you love to show off, then the sports bra is the item for you. This type of car bra provides superb front-end protection without masking your grille and bumper. The way this bra variety works is that it hooks up to the edge of the hood, which usually takes the most damage from road debris, while leaving the rest of your front end exposed.

Repair Guides

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Installing a Car Bra

When it comes to certain auto repairs and modifications, some jobs are best left to the pros. However, there are many DIY jobs that you yourself can accomplish without the need for heavy machinery or a degree in mechanical engineering. Installing a new car bra is one of those jobs. Setting up an aftermarket car bra can be done in just a few simple and easy steps and in very little time. There's no need for a mechanic for this one, folks, so roll up your sleeves and let's get to it!

Difficulty level: Easy

What you'll need:

  • Sun light
  • Gloves
  • Soft Cloth
  • Car Bra

Step 1: Before you get started, wear some working gloves to help keep your hands safe from scratches. Sharp metal edges around your engine and hood area can be rather harmful, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

Step 2:Place your car bra under the sun for a few minutes. By warming up your car bra, it'll become easier to adjust and fit onto your vehicle.

Step 3:Make sure that your front end is clean from any dust or debris. You'll want to ensure that no particles are left between the car bra and your vehicle's body as to avoid blemishes onto your auto's finish. A soft piece of cloth or a rag would do, depending of course on how dirty for your ride is.

Step 4: Open your hood and secure it in this position.

Step 5: Take the hooks located at the bottom of the car bra and insert them under one wheel well. Stretch the car bra across your vehicle's front end and attach the opposite hooks on the opposite wheel well.

Step 6: Take the top of the car bra and stretch it towards you engine compartment. Hook the top of the car bra into the compartment and you're all set.

Step 6: Before tidying up, make sure that the car bra is in its proper position and that it isn't obstructing your headlights.

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