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With the increasing prices of gas and vehicle services these days, you will be able to save a lot if you can do your own car washing. This is a simple enough task that can be accomplished by any car owner with the use of the right cleaning materials and tools. Be sure that you have the right car wash brush for the different parts of your auto. There are different types of car wash brushes these days, each with a different set of characteristics designed to suit various parts of your car. A wheel brush, for instance, has strong bristles made of such materials as stainless steel, nylon, and brass to ensure that it can remove even the toughest dirt like dried mud. Meanwhile, a different type of brush is needed for your car body. The bristles of the brush are also strong, but not as stiff and tough as those of the wheel brush because the delicate car body and paint have to be protected against scratches. There are also brushes that come with soft chenille microfiber heads, used either for washing or for drying the car. When doing a car wash, you have to get the right type of car wash brush to use to ensure that you'll clean your vehicle well and keep its parts safe from damage.There are many things to consider when looking for a new brush. Aside from getting the right kind of brush, you also have to consider comfort and ease of use. You might want to get a new brush with a longer handle for reaching hard-to-reach areas. You can even go for a brush with an adjustable handle. Some brushes today are already advanced and are designed such that water is already delivered straight to the brush head through the pole. Now isn't that just convenient? When you check our catalog at Auto Parts Warehouse, you're sure to find the right kind of car wash brush in our selection of brushes and other car cleaning materials and solutions. We have complete parts to help you maintain your vehicle in tiptop shape. We also offer replacement parts and car accessories, all high in quality and all reasonable in price. Want one now? Use our search bar or our part finder for easy site navigation. Once you've found the right item, just place your order, enter the necessary information, and wait for the part to be shipped.

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Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Car Wash Brush

Before you decide to wash your car by yourself, complete first all the things you'll need to carry out the task properly. Among them are high-quality car wash brushes that will help you clean not just the vehicle's body panels but the interior as well. When purchasing car wash brushes, you have to make sure they're 100% safe for the surfaces you're planning to use them in. Here are the other factors you should consider when choosing the right car wash brush:

Brush materials

To be sure the vehicle's surface won't get damaged while cleaning, choose a brush with soft yet durable bristles or wash mop. You see, the bristles carry and apply big amount of water and soap to the vehicle's surface, so they should be capable of eliminating grime and dirt easily without scratching the car's paint. Make sure you have separate wash brushes for every part of your automobile. If you're purchasing a brush that features a pole, it must be made from tough yet lightweight materials so that you won't find it hard to use the brush even with just one hand.

Product features

The features are important considerations when choosing a car brush because they determine the product's capability in doing its tasks. Brushes with an adjustable pole length are ideal for cleaning even those hard-to-reach areas of the vehicle. To save water, it's wise to go for a unit with an on/off valve or water control system. Brushes that don't have a pole should feature a durable, corrosion-resistant handle; you can also choose one with 10 angled handle for knuckle protection.

Quantity sold

If you need a replacement for a particular brush or one to accomplish a specific cleaning task, go for a brush that's sold individually; just make sure that what you'll get is designed for the intended task or surface. But if you need several units to complete your car wash tools and supplies, you can save much by getting brushes that are sold in a set of three.


While it isn't wrong to stick to your budget, you have to make sure that the car wash brush you'll get is really worth the price. This is why it's important that you look at the features and materials first because these factors determine if the product offers the best bang for your buck or not.

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