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Carburetor Linkage

We have 18 Items for Carburetor Linkage In-stock.

If you're having problems with acceleration and it seems like the carb is having a hard time reaching the ideal fuel-air mixture, check the carburetor linkage for any sign of damage. A broken carburetor linkage can lead to mechanical failure, resulting in poor fuel economy, erratic acceleration, misfires, or backfires. So the carb throttle will take in just the proper amount of air-fuel mixture and ensure smooth operation, replace a broken carb linkage with something more reliable. Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, we have carb linkage parts and kits for the perfect hookup between the carb and the accelerator pedal, as well as other parts. We have carb linkage plates in chrome, complete with gaskets and the standard cable bracket for hassle-free attachments. Our high-quality linkage components also include the ball joints, linkage arms, and linkage rods with the right specifications for direct fitting. For the carb and the throttle cable, we have the throttle linkage kit to connect these two parts seamlessly. The kit includes throttle cables, rods, pivots, cable brackets, and all the necessary hardware for lever-operated or cable-operated applications. When it comes to inline applications, use the carb linkage kit with cadmium-plated steel linkage rods and hardware with swivel ends. Browse through our catalog to see our wide selection of replacement parts. Buy now, and get highly reliable carburetor linkage parts and kits at incredibly low prices!