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Looking for a new SUV cargo liner, Husky Cargo Liner Weathertech Cargo Liner, Highland Cargo Liner or Husky floor liner? Shop with us. Protect your car, truck or SUV with a new cargo floor liner from our online catalog. Installing new car truck and suv cargo liners are the perfect way to enhance the look of your interior while offering long lasting protection. Prevent nicks, scratches, and pings in your truck bed when you have a cargo liner. The cargo liners we sell are custom made to fit your type of vehicle. Get the perfect fit every time when you purchase your all weather rubber cargo liner from our online catalog. You can search for your new cargo liner by part or famous brand name. Shopping with us is fast and easy. Every SUV cargo liner we offer is sold at wholesale pricing. That means you'll save up to 60% on your next cargo liner just by buying it from us. Our huge car, truck and suv cargo liner selection is always fully stocked and ready for shipment. Any order over $50.00 is shipped free.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

How to Pick the Right Cargo Liner for Your Vehicle

Think about the nicks, scratches, and dings left behind on your vehicle’s cargo area! These will surely mess up that part of the vehicle loaded with groceries, luggage, or just about anything. Good thing there’s a cargo liner to provide a layer of protection, keeping the trunk or truck bed clean and safe from spills, stains, and dents. The liner can hide hideous marks and floor damage on the floor. It can also serve as a cushion to the cargo. If you don’t want mess to stick to the cargo area, use a liner for easier cleanups. Whether you want to add some splash of color, give your vehicle a nice look, or maintain its good condition and good resale value, you can never go wrong with a neat cargo liner. If you’re shopping for one, here are some tips:

Choose the right liner material for your needs and convenience.

Cargo liners are typically made of plastic, rubber, or carpet material. Plastic liners are waterproof and durable. They typically have a non-slip rubberized feature. Liners made of rubber are also water-resistant. They’re available as custom fit options, while some of them can be trimmed to fit the cargo area. If you want some soft cushion, cargo liners that made from carpet materials can be the thing for you. Although they’re not waterproof, these are stain-resistant.

Consider the type of cargo that you load on your vehicle.

To figure out which type of cargo liner is best for you, consider the cargo you often have to carry around on your vehicle. If you transport delicate items, the carpet liner’s soft padding will help protect these against scratches. If you want something to keep spills from ruining the car flooring, rubber or plastic liners can be your best options.

Get a liner that fit the vehicle’s cargo area.

Some liners can be trimmed to match the size and shape of the cargo area. These liners come in thin, flexible rubber. While most are shaped into rectangles, others are contoured with form fitting features. These are more affordable than custom-fit options. If you want the liner to hug the curves and corners of the cargo area and fit the contours perfectly, spending a little more on custom cargo liners would make perfect sense. All you have to do is provide complete vehicle details to get a custom-fit liner.

Pick the right design.

Cargo liners come in various colors and patterns. If you want something simple, plain cargo liners can be your best option. Choose a color that best complements the style or color scheme of the vehicle. If you want more colors or something personalized, look for liners with special designs or intricate patterns. You can order a cargo liner with your favorite sports team logo or any other style that best reflects your taste, hobby, interest, or personality.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Keep the Cargo Liner Clean

There’s no need to worry about stains, spills, dings, and scratches. A cargo liner can trap dirt and liquids to make sure that moisture and grime won’t ruin the flooring. In case milk, juice, or any drink in the grocery bag unexpectedly leaks out and makes a mess, you won’t have to fret a lot. Sand from your beach gear and water from your fishing equipment won’t also have to be a big problem. The liner is there to make sure that cleanups won’t take a lot. The trapped dirt, moisture, stains, and spills on the liner can be dealt with easily. You can clean it with less hassle. Here’s how you can do it:

Difficulty level: Easy

Things you’ll need:

  • Garden hose
  • Brush for scrubbing
  • Right type of cleaner (depending on the cargo liner material)

Step 1: Remove the used cargo liner. Check for stains, spills, wet spots, and stuck dirt so you’ll know which part of the liner to focus on or clean more thoroughly.

Step 2: Hose it off to remove dirt or grime. This usually does the trick, especially for rubber and plastic liners. For hard-to-remove stains and spills, you may scrub them off using a brush and some soapy water solution. Don’t use harsh chemicals on the liner. Use recommended cleaners, especially if the cargo liner is made of carpet materials. Avoid scrubbing too hard as this may tear the liner.

Step 3: Wash dirt off the liner. You have to make sure that this is rinsed thoroughly. Don’t leave behind any residue from the detergent or cleaner. Check the liner for remaining dirt or stain. If you’ve missed some spots, scrub or brush them again if needed until dirt is completely gone.

Step 4: Let the liner dry completely. It has to be dried thoroughly before you put it back on the cargo bed or trunk of the vehicle. Rubber and plastic liners are quick to dry, while carpet liners will take some time.


  • Some liners are machine-washable or have a preferred cleaning solution.
  • Clean the cargo liner every once in a while to avoid having caked dirt or hard-to-remove stains on it.
  • Check the labels to know the best way to clean it and keep it dry to prevent damage from heat and other elements.

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