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Cargo Organizer Products

To keep that cargo area neat and clean, you need a cargo organizer to make sure that everything is in its proper place. Use a specially designed storage box or additional compartment so that emergency kits, sports accessories, office equipment, or any recreational gear won't be lying around everywhere. The cargo organizer will not only provide additional storage capacity, but will also keep the car interior looking sleek and well-organized. This cargo accessory is a must-have, especially when carrying expensive tools and other valuables. Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, we offer some of the best cargo organizers, which can be placed under your seat for that unobtrusive design or behind it for easy access to your stuff. We also have trunk storage bags with pocket pods to hold different items such as manuals, the tire gauge, and other devices. It can be easily mounted in the trunk lid through fasteners and adhesive tapes, with no drilling required. The pockets also come with lids and closure latches to secure everything in place. You are just a few clicks away from finding the best cargo organizer for your storage requirements. Check out our catalog for the list of cargo accessories and their prices. Order from us, and take advantage of the best shopping deals on the Internet!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Manage Your Things on the Go with a Cargo Organizer

Going out of town or even just going to work requires you to load important things into your vehicle. However, carrying lots of stuff into your car can lead to a pile of things inside your trunk. In order to arrange your belongings and find the item you're looking for faster and easier, you need to get the right cargo organizer for your vehicle.

Various types of cargo organizers

Cargo organizers come in different types and applications. Finding the perfect organizer for your vehicle depends on your storage needs. Here are some of the common types available in the market:
  1. Behind-the-seat ? From the name itself, this type or cargo organizer keeps your things in proper order by placing them into separate pockets. It's a full-length pocket with non-marring line made of polyester to safely hold long items. This is ideal if you want to store lengthy items and equipment, such as fishing poles and rifles, into your car.
  2. Rooftop carrier ? In order to carry large equipment and other loads into your vehicle, a rooftop carrier is essential. It's designed for people who need extra space for bulky loads, such as bicycles and huge bags.
  3. Tote bag ? If you're going shopping or visiting the hardware store, a tote bag would be your best friend. It arranges your goodies inside your trunk using dividers within the organizer. Aside from being compact, it's also easy to install and move around. Tote bags are suited for anyone in need of organizing things in their vehicles.

Features to look for

  • Easy-to-install- Any product that's easy to install is surely a good buy. It works the same with cargo organizers. Lots of organizers have this feature but some are more complicated, requiring bolts and mounts to be installed. Identify the things you want to store in your car in order to determine if you'll need an easy-install organizer or a more complex one.
  • Waterproof- This feature is a must in rooftop organizers. It protects your cargo from rain and other weather elements throughout your drive. Some indoor car organizers, such as tote bags and behind-the-seat organizers, also need waterproof capabilities. This allows them to carry wet goodies from the supermarket or greasy hardware tools from the garage.
  • Foldable- Cargo organizers are most functional when carrying lots of things in your car. However, when not in use, they can be obstacles inside your vehicle. That is why the foldable feature is essential in most organizers. So, if you feel that you don't need to bring lots of stuff every day, then be sure to get a cargo organizer that's foldable.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Floor-up or Floor-down: Installing a Cargo Organizer

Carrying a lot of things into your vehicle sometimes causes you headache. With a jam-packed car trunk, it becomes difficult to find an item you're looking for. In order to arrange the things inside your Dodge Caravan, installing either a floor-up or floor-down cargo organizer would greatly help.

Note: The following steps are applicable to Dodge Caravans and there is no guarantee that these will be suitable for other vehicles as well.

Difficulty level: Easy

Things you'll need:

  • Rag or cloth for cleaning
  • Sweeping broom
  • Helper

Step 1:For a floor-up cargo organizer, open the trunk and remove your stuff from the van. Then, clean the trunk floor by sweeping or wiping off dirt and dust.

Step 2: Look for the handle on the rear side of the Caravan floor and pull it to access the hidden storage compartment.

Step 3: Push the floor up to connect the hook-and-loop fabric to the hook-and-loop squares behind the van's seats. Remove your things inside the hidden storage compartment as well. Put them aside for return later.

Step 4: Hold one side of the cargo organizer while a helper holds the other side. Then, lift the cargo organizer into the storage compartment and position it inside so it aligns to the bottom and sides of the compartment.

Step 5: For a floor-down organizer, repeat steps 1 to 3. Again, ask a helper to hold one side of the organizer as you hold the other side. Together, lift the cargo organizer into the van. Make sure that the organizer nests firmly on the Caravan's interior edges and against the back seats.

Step 6: Return your things inside the compartment, this time within the newly-installed cargo organizer. Close the storage compartment and restore your stuff inside the hatch. Finally, close your Caravan's back hatch and make sure that the organizer does not hamper the function of the door.

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