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Waking up early in the weekend is always fun. It's that time of the week when you get all excited over the fun that comes with the days when you're off work. You've virtually had everything prepared last night; your bag full of clothes, cooler stuffed with food and the gear that you need for a truly enjoyable weekend camp out. Now ain't it frustrating when you can't get moving because your vehicle's storage space just isn't enough for your tons of stuff? So before you plan that next weekend holiday with the family, why don't you first get your vehicle travel-ready? Get more stuff on your ride when you equip it with this very useful Cargo Rack. While most vehicles nowadays are designed to maximize space so you can carry more of your stuff, there are times like these when such attempts to max out storage space on your ride would come short. This can never be truer for active families who tag along their mountain bikes with them for a fun ride in the outdoors, or food, clothing, and other essentials to keep them ok in their weekend out-of-town trips. That is why makers of car accessories developed this Cargo Rack. Mounts in various parts of your vehicle such as the roof or at the back of the car, a greatly-designed, high-quality Cargo Rack gives you more storage space to carry all of your stuff with you. Pack your food in coolers or your clothes in water-proof bags, even tents or other outdoor gear and tie them up these racks on your vehicle's roof and voila: your storage space woes are gone! You can even tie up your bikes above your ride. Wake up on weekends where you won't have to worry much about storage space anymore. Order your very own Cargo Rack from Auto Parts Warehouse and have them installed on your vehicle at once to once and for all end those cargo space woes. Just check out Auto Parts Warehouse's extensive, yet easy-to-navigate product catalog and discover hundreds of thousands of replacement and aftermarket parts, even accessories in to make your vehicle work and look better. What's more, we offer these great quality products from the best brands at prices others can't beat. Get your vehicle ready to carry all the stuff that you need for that weekend family holiday now by slapping a Cargo Rack in it from Auto Parts Warehouse!

Buying Guides

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Quick Tips in Buying a Cargo Rack

A weekend vacation with family is always great fun. While that's true, the planning stage can be quite a pain. You may need to coordinate a lot of stuff such as hotel reservations and the like. You'll also have to fix your itinerary to maximize your vacation time. Of course, what you take with you on the trip is another consideration. The kids may want to go biking or kayaking, but since your car's carrying capacity is very limited, they won't be able to do either. All hope isn't lost though as there's a solution to that problem-a cargo rack. With a cargo rack, you'd be able to secure a bike or a kayak atop your vehicle. If your family isn't into biking or kayaking, you can always use the cargo rack to bring extra luggage.

Shopping for a cargo rack isn't really complicated; however, there are several things that you should consider.

Things to Know Before Deciding to Buy a Cargo Rack

  1. Be aware that you'll have to drill holes on your car's roof to attach the cargo rack. Don't worry too much about this though as you can always fill the drill holes later on once you no longer need your cargo rack.
  2. Since you'll be drilling holes and placing something sizeable atop your roof, the paint of your car may get damaged. That's why you should be very careful upon the installation of the cargo rack.
  3. By adding extra weight, your car's stability and gas mileage would naturally be affected.


Before you purchase anything, measure the dimensions of your car's roof. With that knowledge, you should be able to choose a cargo rack that is sized appropriately.


Most cargo racks are pretty much the same. There are several specialized add-ons though that you can use with them to better secure items such as the previously mentioned bikes and kayaks, winter sport gear, and spare tires. You can also add either a soft or a hard cargo container (the latter is the better option) for your bags, clothes, and other personal items.

Repair Guides

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Increase Your Car's Storage Space: How to Attach a Roof Cargo Rack

Are you going on a vacation with the family in a couple of days? You're probably mulling over what stuff to bring and what to leave since your car can only carry so much. However, that won't be a problem at all if you have a roof cargo rack. A roof cargo rack can help you maximize your vehicle's carrying capacity as it utilizes the otherwise unused roof space. We'll guide you step by step on how to attach a roof cargo rack on your car.

Difficulty level: Easy

  • Dish soap
  • Pail of water
  • Dry cloth
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill (preferably with a drill stop)

Step 1: Assemble the roof cargo rack. Most racks are composed of two rails and two crossbars. It should be pretty obvious which goes where. But even if that's the case, it's still best to follow the manual as there may be additional instructions in there.

Step 2: Before you install the now-assembled roof cargo rack, make sure that the roof is clean. If it's a bit dirty, get some soap and water and start washing it. Dry the roof with a cloth afterwards.

Step 3: Now that the roof is all clean and shiny, place the roof rack on the center of the roof of your car.

Step 4: You can make sure that the roof cargo rack is positioned properly by grabbing a measuring tape and using it to identify the distance between the sides of your vehicle's roof and the rack's rails. The distance on one side should be equal to the other. If it isn't, you'll have to adjust the placement of the rack.

Step 5: Once the roof cargo rack is indeed in the correct position, it's time to start drilling. Turn your attention to the rail mounts and drill screw holes through each of them. Continue drilling until you dent the roof on each mounting area.

Step 6: After that, remove the roof cargo rack for the meantime and continue drilling through the dents you created. Don't overdo it though. As mentioned above, it would be better if you have a drill stop.

Step 7: Position the roof cargo rack on the roof once again and screw it in place.

Step 8: Now, peel away all the plastic from the no-slip strips and place them all over the area of the roof cargo rack. Make sure to spread them evenly. The strips should be a big help in keeping the items that you put on your roof cargo rack from, well, slipping.

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