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A 100 Years of Chevrolet Innovations

For the past 10 decades, Chevrolet has built a reputation for value, durability, performance and innovations. Innovative technologies like an electronic stability control system, electric starter, fuel injection, and anti-lock brakes were standard on its lineup of affordable trucks and cars. Chevrolet adopted these landmark technologies to create new markets in the industry. The forward-thinking attitude of William Durant and Louis Chevrolet made an impact on the automobile industry that still resonates until today.

The Chevrolet Powerglide

During the 1950's, Chevrolet introduced the Powerglide, a two-speed automatic transmission system on an affordable vehicle. The "Cast Iron Power Glide" was its first version, and it had a cast iron case. In 1962, Chevrolet revamped the Powerglide and introduced the "Aluminum Power Glide" which was made of aluminum and lighter compared to its predecessor. Until today, the Aluminum Power Glide is still being used as a racing transmission of choice. This innovation rocked the automobile industry for its simplicity, extreme durability, and ease of use.

Chevy's Onstar Hands-free System

1996 was the year when Chevrolet introduced the Onstar Hands-free System at the Chicago Auto Show. It was the very first hands-free communication device that could be used to contact emergency medical services, aid the police in tracking stolen vehicles, and notify the drivers of any mechanical problems via emails. The current Onstar system now has RemoteLink, which can be linked to any iPhone or Android-powered mobile phone.

Chevrolet's Vortec Engine

Chevrolet made a huge leap forward by introducing the Vortec engine. It uses the "vortex technology" which creates a vortex inside the engine's combustion chamber to create a better air/fuel mixture. The Vortec engine improves fuel economy and enhances its performance. This engine design is the source of power for some of Chevrolet's trucks like the S-10, Silverado, Avalanche, and Suburban. Chevrolet's pioneering spirit changed the truck industry as we know it.

As Chevrolet enters a new century, it will continue to develop new technologies for the automobile industry. It will listen to the needs of our evolving society and create vehicles that can adapt to our ever-changing world.

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The Chevrolet Century: 100 Years and Beyond

Automobile engineer and Swiss race car driver, Louis Chevrolet--together with William Durant, founder of General Motors, designed cars which offered the latest technological features reserved only for luxury cars in 1911. Together, the duo introduced the Royal Mail Roadster in 1914 to challenge the dominant car of that time: the Ford Model T. The Royal Mail Roadster was the first Chevy to carry the iconic "bowtie emblem", which caught the hearts of millions for its luxury and affordability.

Thanks to William and Louis' motto to "never give up", Chevrolet is now the fourth-largest automotive brand. It continues to adapt new technologies for its next generation vehicles which helped Chevrolet grow into one of the best automobile manufacturers in the world.

An Iconic Reputation

Fueled by passion, Chevrolet adapted a process of continually develop their technology to improve their vehicles. Each vehicle that came out of the production line was stylish, streamlined, sporty, and dependable--this gave their competitors a run for their money. People will always love their Chevy for its durability, high-performance, and reasonable price.

Raising the Bar for Automotive Technology

In 1929, Chevrolet shocked the automotive industry when it announced that all of its new cars will be powered by their new 6-cylinder engine. People raced to the showrooms to get a Chevy while the competition went back to the drawing board. Chevrolet continued to set the bar for innovation by introducing the small-block V8 engine in 1955 which led to the development of high-performance engines still used today. Chevrolet still dominates the tracks of Daytona until today.

100 Years and More

Chevrolet's commitment to be at the forefront of technology helped them develop the Volt; rated by the Unites States EPA as the most fuel-efficient compact car. True to the form, the Volt also won the European Car of the Year award for 2012. Paying homage to its racing heritage, Chevrolet introduced the Corvette Centennial Edition to celebrate its 100 years. The Corvette's aggressive persona and cutting-edge technology helped it win the GTE Pro Class Victory at the 2011 24-Hour of Le Mans--soundly beating Ferrari, BMW, and Porche. Louis Chevrolet expects nothing less, because perseverance and racing is in Chevrolet's blood.

Chevrolet Trivia

Did you know?

  • When Louis Chevrolet lost his fortune during the Great Depression in 1929, he worked at a GM auto factory as a line mechanic. The ironic thing is that this factory produced Chevrolet vehicles.
  • In the first Twilight movie, Bella's truck was a red 1963 Chevy pickup truck. If you read the novel, the truck Bella drove was a 1953 Chevy pickup truck.
  • A customized 1968 El Camino was featured in the Gorillaz music video 'Stylo.' It was designed to look like a 1969 Camaro SS, and it was driven by no other than Bruce Willis.
  • The Chevrolet Volt doesn't have a spare tire. Instead, it has an air compressor and a tire repair kit.

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